Restore Status to Work in Canada

Restore Status to Work in Canada

Losing your temporary resident status in Canada apply to extend Canada work permit or if already lost apply to restore status to work in Canada. 

A work permit expires on a particular date for the following reasons:

  • The valid date on your work permit is expired.
  • The temporary status in Canada has also expired.

In such a case you must apply to change or extend the conditions of your current work permit 30 days before your work permit expires. However, if the work permit holder fails and the visa expires then they will lose their legal status in Canada. And will have to apply to restore their temporary status to work again in Canada.

At the time when the work permit expires, the holder must stop working in Canada. Because one will have to restore their status and will have to apply to get a new work permit.

Please note, the applicant can restore its status and get permission to work in Canada as per the conditions of the expired work permit. In case the applicant wishes to change its permit then they must first restore their status and then apply for a different permit.

Who qualifies to apply to restore status to work in Canada?

To apply to restore status to work in Canada the applicant must meet the following terms:

  • After losing the temporary status, apply within 90 days of expiry.
  • In case the duration is more than 90 days then the applicant will have to:
    • Firstly, leave Canada.
    • Secondly, reapply from outside Canada, if you want a new work permit.
  • Also, meet the terms of staying in Canada such as were living legally the country.
  • Besides, must meet the terms on the expired work permit before its expiration.

How to apply to restore status to work in Canada?

To apply to restore your status, an applicant must:

  • Have a Canadian job offer where the employer has met all terms to hire the TFW.
  • Apply online to restore status to work in Canada.
  • Pay restoration fees applicable.

Expiry of the status of family members

If the permit holder’s family members are in Canada and have lost their status then they too can apply to restore the same. If a family member has a work permit then they must follow the terms above.

For other permits follow the terms for the categories below:

Visitor Status

  • Apply before 90 days of losing your visitor status.
  • Give reason for the extension of stay in Canada.

Study Permit –  Read more.

Status of application after applying

Further, after applying to restore your status in Canada and getting permission to work in Canada, you will have to wait for the final decision. Until a decision comes on your application, you can not work in Canada.