Restoration of Temporary Resident Status now extended

Canada has recently announced its new policy for temporary residents to restore their status till Dec 30 2020. Restoration of temporary resident status now extended.

Restoration of temporary resident status now extended for temporary residents in Canada whose status has expired after January 30, 2020. The new policy helps temporary residents to apply for restoration of their status till Dec 31, 2020. Earlier, applicants had to submit a restoration application within 90 days. IRCC is now offering this new policy to make sure Canada immigration process has required flexibility. All this is to continue fighting the current global pandemic.

Besides, the new policy gives this extension to past holders of work permit, temporary resident visa, and study permit. Also, it helps applicants who want to apply for an employer-specific visa to work in Canada while their application is processing. Also, to qualify the applicant must:

  • Have a job offer.
  • Submit LMIA supported work permit application, or
  • Have an LMIA exempt job offer.
  • Also, notify IRCC of the current status.

Concerning the global pandemic issue, Canada is continuously rolling out measures to sustain and grow its labour market force. Besides, it also realises the need to grow its economy. Thus, IRCC is increasing the deadline to submit complete documents. Because due to the current issue, applicants are facing difficulty in getting documents issued and processed. Also, for applicants currently in Canada, this move only motivates them to renew their work, study or temporary resident status. So that they can keep their legal status to continue their life in Canada.

Has your legal status in Canada expired or is about to expire? If yes, then avail the benefits of the new policy. Why wait? When you can restore your status. Apply Now!

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