Quebec Skilled Workers to get IMP plus open work permit

Quebec Skilled Workers to get IMP Plus Open Work Permit

Canada has recently opened a new immigration pathway to fast-track the admission of skilled workers in Quebec. The new program known as the International Mobility Program (IMP+) will help applicants with a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) get a new open work permit. This way applicants who have a CSQ and are waiting for a decision on their Canada PR application can move to Quebec and begin to work in Canada.

This way Quebec will be able fast-track the arrival of foreign skilled workers. Also, it will help Quebec meet its labour market needs. As for the applicant, they will not have to wait for a decision on the Canada PR visa application. Earlier applicants after getting a CSQ had to apply to IRCC for PR. But they could not enter Canada until a decision was made on their visa application.

So, with this new IMP+ Open Work Permit, one can start working in Quebec on an immediate basis.

But who can apply for an IMP+ open work permit?

Quebec Skilled Workers to get IMP plus open work permit, to do the same they must meet the terms such as:

  • Are living outside Quebec at the time of applying.
  • Must have a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).
    • For the same, apply under Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program OR
    • Permanent Immigration Pilot Program.
    • Launch your profile in the Arrima Portal.
    • Qualify in periodic Arrima draws and get an ITA.
    • Submit a complete and error-free application for nomination.
    • Finally, get a CSQ from Quebec.
  • Besides, apply for the IMP plus open work permit.

Further, after approval, you will get an open work permit for three years. Quebec will be selecting 14,500 applicants under the IMP+ open work permit pathway. And in 2023, up to 7,350 applicants.

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