Quebec Skilled Workers Awaits First Invitation

New Opportunities Await Quebec Skilled Workers 

“Quebec Skilled Workers Program invites on the way,” the Minister said. Therefore, just EOI aspirants get the invites via Arrima.”

Last year, the Arrima added EOI over Quebec’s migration agenda. In fact, the candidate tells the Ministry about CSQ.

EOI is not just an application to get CSQ. But a route to tell the Ministry about the interest. Consequently, 100,000 EOIs submission took place since Arrima’s launch.

EOI profile is created in the portal. Together, variables such as age, education, the field of training, work experience and language skills form a point.

They apply for CSQ based on the score or due to labour deficits. They can apply for PR. Then the ministry checks all the documents and gives a certificate.

Jolin-Barrette, the immigration minister attended a press conference. There she spoke about the portal. She said that “the website is meant for market needs. Therefore process time has been decreased to 6 months,” and that “the highest priority is the citizens of Quebec.”

Her main aim is to move all pending applications. Thus, importance is given to the change of reforms. Furthermore, the changes help to develop the law of Quebec.

The government gives the first invitation if the applicant:

  • Applied for a QSWP selection certificate
  • Quebec temporary resident
  • applied for a QSC in the QSWP
  • were in Quebec on June 16, 2019
  • valid job offer

Employers Target Quebec Skilled Workers

In a new update, Arrima to the launch of a new feature for February 2020. So, employers choose skilled workers via the Arrima website.

Jolin-Barrette said “Quebec government has a responsibility. They keep a tab on the portal. The website updates on time to time bases. Its main approach is to focus on regional labour shortages. Finally, it is the solution to develop labour deficits. Labour shortage is a major issue for the province. Hence, foreigners with preferred skills are hired. We ensure that immigrants who choose to settle here will be able to participate fully in Quebec society.”


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