Quebec: New PEQ Reforms; 2 new pilot programs

Quebec on May 28, announced new PEQ reforms and the possibility of launching 2 new pilot programs in future.

The province after due consultation with its education, economic, union and youth sectors shared new reforms for the Quebec Experience Program or PEQ. This is seen as an important update in the Quebec immigration upgrade since its start in October 2018.  As per the Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration, Mr Simon Jolin Barrette these new PEQ reforms aim to meet 4 objectives.

  • Firstly, improve integration into Quebec’s labour market
  • Secondly, effective selection to meet the needs of the province
  • Also, facilitate integration by increasing competence in French
  • Finally, strengthen program integrity

New PEQ reforms

Increase in work years for booths students and skilled workers

The province is making sure all applicants successfully transition into permanent residence and benefit the economy of the province. Thus, the province is increasing the work experience limit to qualify under its Quebec Experience Program or PEQ.

New Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) terms

TFW’s now must have a minimum of 36 months of full-time, permanent, paid and continuous work experience within 48 months. Also, Quebec promises of a transitional measure to help TFW’s with a valid work permit.

New terms for Foreign Graduate Students

Foreign graduate students to apply for permanent residence must have a minimum of 12 or 24 months of work experience. Also, applicants who have submitted their applications before these new reforms will have their applications processed as per the old reforms. Also, students who graduated from a Quebec university or have a Quebec diploma of college studies must have a minimum of 12 months of work experience in a NOC 0, A, or B job. Besides applicants with a Quebec diploma of professional studies must have a minimum work experience of 24 months in a NOC 0, A, B, or C job. Further, if you have a NOC skill level C job then you can only apply if your work experience matches your study program in Quebec.

French language criteria for spouses

This reform is another step of Quebec towards stressing the need of having French-speaking skills to be a part of Quebec. As per the new reforms, the principal applicant’s spouse must have a minimum oral French of level 4. This language level is the minimum for an applicant applying for citizenship in Canada. Besides, this reform shall come into effect by the end of the year.

Maintain integrity, eliminate all possible irregularities

As per new PEQ reforms, successful advanced intermediate French course from Quebec no longer acts as a proof of French language skills. This comes into light after many concerns have been raised and irregularities are noted. But an application will be processed per old reforms if the applicant has registered, completed or is currently in a French language course.

Update in Application Processing Times

Earlier Quebec had a standard processing time of 2o days for a few applications in a year. Now it is changing to 6 months. The province wants to process PEQ and Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) applications fairly and equally. Also, the new suggested period is what is in use at the federal level.

Quebec hiring Nurses’ Aides and Tech Workers in Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology sectors

Quebec has announced 2 new programs to meet labour shortages. As per the province, there is a major shortage of nurses’ aides and tech workers in artificial intelligence and information technology sector. It is also noted that Quebec was able to hire only 115 nurses since 2013 and now it expected to hire 550 nurses every year. Similarly, it will be hiring 550 tech skilled workers every year.

In short, these reforms will help Quebec meet its labour market needs and grow its economy. Not to mention select a large number of applicants for permanent residence in Quebec.

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