Quebec July 20 2023 draw 415 more invites issued

Quebec July 20 2023 draw 415 more invites issued

Arrima draw update: Quebec July 20 2023 draw 415 more invites issued. The French province invited 1633 applicants in the July 20, 2023, Arrima draw. Also, the applicants who have an invitation meet the following draw terms:

  • Firstly, have a minimum French Language skill level of NCLC 7.
    • TEF: Speaking 310 – 348 | Listening 249 – 279 | 207 – 232 | Writing 310 – 348.
    • TCF: Speaking 10 – 11 | Listening 458 – 502 | 453 – 498 | Writing 10 – 11.
  • Secondly, have a qualifying score of 596.
  • Besides, applicants with a job offer from outside the Metropolitan Community of Montreal Territory have an invitation.


In comparison, to June 29, 2023, Arrima draw we can see 415 more invites issued, This shows the rise in the selection of applicants for permanent selection. Further, applicants will apply to Quebec, and post-processing will get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). This enables them to apply to IRCC for permanent residency in Canada.

Quebec is the largest province of Canada. And is known for having a separate immigration system. While the rest of Canada follows a common immigration framework, Quebec follows its own. So, if you wish to apply for permanent selection then you must apply to the Arrima portal. 

Moreover, like the rest of Canada, Quebec too has its own immigration needs. And via its immigration pathways selects applicants who can add to the economy and meet labour market needs. And looking at the frequency of the Arrima draws and the positive rise in the invitations, it is wise to apply for a Canada PR visa via Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP).


To understand the positive rise in invitations we can look at the below graph of the same:

Quebec July 20 2023 Arrima draw issues 415 more invites

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