Quebec Experience Program

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

The Quebec Experience Program helps foreign applicants who are Quebec graduate or temporary foreign worker. If you meet the terms for the same, then you can apply for permanent selection to apply for Canada PR.

Who can apply to the Quebec Experience Program?

The applicant can apply under the following sub-streams:

Apply for permanent selection

To apply, submit a complete application on the Arrima portal. Besides, as of Jan 21, 2021, all permanent selection applications are to be submitted to the Arrima portal. So, if submitted a PR application via mail before Jan 21, 2021, then you will not be able to use the portal. As a result, you cannot track or make any changes to your application.


Apply for permanent selection by following these steps:

  1. Complete your PR application form as per the stream you choose to apply through.
  2. Keep all necessary supporting documents ready.
  3. Create a profile on the Arrima portal.
  4. Apply for permanent selection in the portal.
  5. Pay a review fee for your application.

Processing time

The processing of application takes around 6 months and begins when the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration receives the following:

  • Permanent selection application;
  • Supporting documents;
  • payment of the processing fees for your application.

Besides, the duration of application processing may extend if you are asked to appear in an immigration interview.

Application Assessment

The application assessment under the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) begins as soon as the province receives the following:

  • Permanent selection application
  • All supporting documents
  • Proof of payment of review fees

However, if your file is missing any of the above details then you can update the same within 60 days from the date of submission. But if you fail to do so then your application will be rejected.

Attestation of learning about democratic values and the Quebec values

As per this factor, get an attestation proving that you know democratic values

and Quebec values.

At the time of processing of the application. The province will request the applicant to get an attestation. This includes the main applicant and their family members (spouse of 16 years or above and dependants 18 years and above of age). In case of non-compliance, the application will get rejection.

Decision on an application submitted under the Quebec Experience Program


If the applicant meets all terms and no interview requirement is there, then the applicant will get:

  • Quebec selection certificate and for family members listed on the application, and
  • Further information for the next steps of immigration.


An application will get rejection in case of:

  • Submission of incomplete application
  • Missing documents
  • Not meeting program terms
  • Missed deadlines for submission of documents.

Refusal of request for permanent selection under the Quebec Experience Program

Application for permanent selection will get a rejection if:

  • The ministry doubts the authenticity of the applicant and or the application.
  • An applicant is guilty of forgery and misleading the immigration dept.
  • Are not able to prove authenticity by giving required documents within set deadlines.
  • Fail to appear in an immigration interview.

Besides, you can submit proof to get rid of rejection. If satisfactory the province will continue to process your application and give the final result accordingly.

Application for permanent selection

After getting an invite to apply or permanent selection under the Quebec Experience program, the applicant needs to submit a complete application.

So, if found satisfactory, the applicants will get the Quebec Selection Certificate.

Apply for Canada PR to IRCC

Finally, once you get a CSQ then you can apply to IRCC for permanent residence in Canada.