Quality of Life Canada 2020

Canada No.1 in the 2020 Quality of Life Index.

For the 5th year, Canada ranks topmost in the Quality of Life Index 2020. This index is a sub-factor of the overall factors used to calculate a country’s overall world ranking.  A country will get a world ranking as per these 9 categories:

  1. Power
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Quality of Life
  4. Cultural Influence
  5. Adventure
  6. Movers
  7. Citizenship
  8. Open for Business
  9. Heritage


In the survey for 2020 best countries in the world, Canada ranks no.2.

The country ranks 2nd in the citizenship factor. It means the country is progressive. It values human freedom, equal rights, and expression. The survey in this category checks for property rights, overall trust, and political power.

In the ‘open for business’ factor, Canada ranks no.3. This category ranks according to a country’s business-friendly approach. The survey checks a country’s bureaucracy, corruption, tax policies, govt influence, and cost of manufacturing. Canada ranks ‘0 in corruption’ and ‘10 in transparent government practices’.

The Quality of life sub ranking is as per:

  1. Affordable life
  2. Job opportunities
  3. Economic stability
  4. Family-friendly
  5. Income equality
  6. Safety
  7. Quality of the public education system
  8. Quality of the public health system


The country ranks no 1 for political peace, no 2 for job options, and no 4 for good public education system.

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