Prince Edward Island invited 66 applicants to apply for PNP nomination

Prince Edward Island invited 66 applicants to apply for PNP nomination

April 04, 2024: The smallest province and the Canadian island recently shared the details of its latest PNP draw. Yes, Prince Edward Island invited 66 applicants to apply for PNP nomination. The province selected applicants whose job profile is from the healthcare, manufacturing, and early childhood childcare education sectors.

  • Firstly, the current draw is the 6th PEI PNP draw. Up till now, 511 applicants have had a PNP invitation.
  • Secondly, 66 applicants who have a PNP invitation were selected from the Labour and Express Entry category.
  • Also, the Express Entry (EE) category applicants are eligible for the invitation because they have:
    • An active EE profile under 1 of the EE sub-streams such as FSW/FST or CEC.
    • And meet Human Capital Factors such as age, education, work experience, and language skills.
    • In addition, they meet the eligibility terms to apply to the EE-linked PEI PNP category.
  • Besides, one needs to that Prince Edward Island under PEI PNP draw does not share the cut-off for the labour and EE category.
  • Further, after getting an invitation, these 66 applicants need to apply for PNP nomination.


After getting a PEI PNP nomination, the EE profile holders will benefit the most. As an EE profile holder, you get an extra 600 CRS score the moment you secure a provincial nomination.

This provision greatly helps Canada PR seekers raise their chances of getting an ITA for a Canada PR visa. 


Who can get an invitation from Prince Edward Island to apply for a PNP nomination?

Prince Edward Island invites 66 applicants for PNP nomination. However, predicting who, when and how anyone will get an invitation is difficult. The island does share certain parameters on which it bases its decisions such as:

  • Firstly, language skill level in English/French.
  • Secondly, education level and where the applicants received it from (inside or outside Canada).
  • Also, applicants’ skills and level of work experience.
  • If the applicants’ profile/skills are in demand in the province.
    • Can meet immediate labour market needs of Prince Edward Island.
  • In addition, if they have work experience in the province or a job offer from a PEI employer.


All such factors add towards issuing PNP invites. Immigration experts advise submitting a complete, error-free, and strong PNP application for higher success.

If you are looking for such experts and their guidance, then you have reached the right place. In conclusion, take our Free Assessment or Contact Us to connect with the Best Licensed Immigration Consultant in Canada and India. Apply with GVI!

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