PR for 500000 Canada Visa Aspirants Every Year

PR for 500000 Canada Visa Aspirants Every Year

The Honourable Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has hinted that it expects to offer PR for 500000 Canada visa aspirants every year. This means that the country is already planning to surpass its 2022 Immigration Levels Target of 431,645 permanent residents. Such a hint suggests that we can expect the selection of 500000 applicants as a common sight soon.

Currently, everyone is eagerly waiting for the resuming of the Express Entry (EE) System all program draws. Because as the draws for FSW/FST/CEC resume on July 06, 2022, we will see a rise in the issuing of ITAs for PR. However, the other factor that everyone is looking forward to is the CRS cut-off that will be set. According to the same, we will be able to assess the future draw patterns.

Before the pandemic, Canada was selecting up to 340,000 applicants every year. But at the time of travel restrictions and border closing the draw results started to fall. However, still, Canada decided to increase its invite 400,000 permanent residency applicants in 2021. And surprisingly it went on to select 405,000 applicants.

With the new immigration updates, express entry system upgrades and resuming of draws, IRCC wants to repeat history. Thus, the minister is hinting at the selection of up to 500,000 applicants every year.

We will get complete details in November 2022, when the minister will be tabling the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025. Also, the minister for this has shared that he is not aimlessly looking at admitting people. And understands that such decisions must be implemented systematically. Because Canada must take care of both the existing population and newcomers alike.

With such clarity and approach towards immigrants, anyone would choose to get permanent residency in Canada.

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