PNP’s And Tech Pilot Process Boost Permanent Residency Invitations in Canada

Nova Scotia, Ontario And British Columbia Boosts Canada PR.

Canada continues to be the favorite region for people seeking PR. The world’s second largest country by area is inviting skilled workers and is the easing the process to apply for Canada PR.

In fact, the states invite applications for Canada PR under various draws under the Express Entry System.

The June 3 Labor Market Priorities Draw and May 31st Human Capital Priorities Draw gave 1,384 ITA to the candidates of 12 occupations.

Meanwhile, BC extended its Tech Pilot program to June 2020 for the tech workers.

Nova Scotia calls Early Childhood Educators and Assistants For Canada PR.

Under the Labor Market Priorities Scheme invitation to 312 candidates went in the draw held on June 3.

Further, the Nova Scotia Labor Market program selects the candidates from the EE who meets the market needs.Likewise, the candidates for the state nomination gets 600 points for their profile in Canada PR.

The candidates invited under the NOC 4214: Early Childhood Educators and Assistants must give:

  • Proof that a candidate has received the post secondary education in the early childhood education for children aged 0 to 8 years;
  • Proof that they completed two or more years of relevant education and;
  • The letters of reference from the employers stating they have 5 years experience.

The selected candidates on June 3 had submitted their profile on or after August 8 last year.

The labor market priorities scheme came in August 2018 and as of now has been used 4 times. For the most part, the CA’s and the auditors got the most number of chances in this scheme.

Ontario expands Canada PR scheme for 11 occupations.

The PR candidates usually opt for the Ottawa and the Toronto as the to go destination for PR in Canada.

Overall, 1072 ITA issued in the EE system in the draw held on the 31st May 2019.Further, the it allows to search the candidates under the EE pool and invite for the Canada PR.

Also, the candidates scoring the CRS score in range of 439 to 469 score qualified.Similarly, 1493 candidates got the ITA in the draw in the January 2019.

The 11 occupations invited in the draw of 31st May are:

  • NOC-0114: Other administrative services manager.
  • NOC-0601: The Corporate Sales Manager.
  • NOC-1122: The Professional occupations in business management consulting.
  • NOC-0124: The Advertising, marketing and public relations managers.
  • NOC-0621: The Retail and wholesale trade managers.
  • NOC-1111: The Financial auditors and accountants.
  • NOC-3012: Registered nurses and psychiatric nurses.
  • NOC-0111: The Financial managers.
  • NOC-0114: Other financial officers.
  • NOC-0651: The Managers in customer and personal services.

Certainly, they added these jobs for the first time. Only, the IT sector got the high priority.

To hire the skilled talent, the British Columbia extends the tech pilot to June 2020.

The BC tech pilot was launched in the year 2017 as the fast process for the people who opt for the Canada PR. Similarly, this is the weekly draw that gives the ITA to the skilled candidates under the PR system. 

Besides, the companies here attract the high number of employees and give them the bright future.The candidates and the skilled workers from India can help to grow its IT sector.

Moreover, as per the labor research there is the lack of the IT workers and it is the hurdle to its growth.Overall, the Canada offers the new chances to one who aims to get the PR.

To sum up, the draws will invite more candidates to realize their Canada PR dreams. Their goals have got the wings. Where is Yours?

EE: Express Entry.

ITA: Invitation To Apply.

CRS: Comprehensive Ranking System







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