PNP targeted Express Entry draw sees fall in ITA and CRS score

Draw figures seen dipping as PNP targeted Express Entry draw sees fall in ITA and CRS score.

The Latest immigration details of July 21, 2021, showcasing a fall in numbers as PNP targeted Express Entry draw sees fall in ITA and CRS score. Such a change in draw figures may seem alarming. But on the contrary, we can expect Canada to increase the selection of applicants in the upcoming draws. 

If we look at a similar drop then we must consider April 28, 2021, PNP targeted draw. Because in that draw, Canada selected 381 applicants and the CRS score requirement was set at 717. However, looking at the draws we can see the positive differences in the issuing of ITAs and the setting up of the CRS cut-off. All of which works in favour of applicants aspiring to get Canada PR.


PNP targeted Express Entry draw details – April 28 to July 21, 2021.
Date Number of ITAs issued CRS score
April 28 2021 381 717
May 12 2021 557 752
May 26 2021 500 713
June 09 2021 940 711
June 23 2021 1002 742
July 07 2021 627 760
July 21 2021 462 734

So, looking at the above table we can see a positive higher and lower equation amidst the ITAs and CRS scores. Fall of CRS or rise of the same does not directly impact the number of ITAs Canada issues. Rather, the same can be seen as a positive immigration trend. Because looking at other Express Entry draws, we can see the selection of a huge number of applicants. And such an outcome is triggering similar results up till now and for the draws to come.

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79898 ITAs issued via the Express Entry System up till now – Apply now!

The current July 21, 2021, PNP targeted Express Entry draw sees fall in ITA and CRS score. But it is not something to be worried about. As the Express Entry (EE) System is Canada’s no 1 immigration pathway. Because this system selects the highest number of applications for Canada PR. The same is clear from the past draw results.

As of now, Canada has selected a total of 79,898 applicants. So, you too can get a quick and easy Canada PR.

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