PNP invites fall in March 12 2024 BC PNP Tech Draw

PNP invites fall in March 12 2024 BC PNP Tech Draw

British Columbia holds new BC PNP draw. PNP invites fall in March 12 2024 BC PNP Tech Draw. The following are the details of the current BC PNP Tech + Targeted draw:

Tech draw

  • Firstly, 65 applicants have an invitation.
  • Secondly, the cut-off score is 113.


Targeted draw

  • Firstly, 54 applicants from the childcare sector have invitations.
  • Secondly, 38 applicants from the healthcare sector have an invitation.
  • Also, fewer than 5 applicants from the veterinary sector have an invitation.
  • Besides, the draw cut-off for the above 3 targeted profiles is 75.
  • Moreover, 30 applicants from the construction sector have been invited.
    • Also, the draw cut-off for this targeted profile is 80.


PNP invites fall in Mar 12 2024 BC PNP Tech and targeted draw. We can see the same in comparison, to the last Feb 27, 2024, BC PNP Tech + Targeted draw we can see the following changes:

Mar-12-2024 Feb-27-2024 Mar 12, 2024: draw changes
Category Invites EOI score Category Invites EOI score Invites Change EOI Score Change
Tech 65 113 Tech 90 108 -25 5
Childcare 54 75 Childcare 45 65 9 10
Healthcare 38 75 Healthcare 41 65 -3 10
Veterinary <5 75 Veterinary <5 65 NA 10
Construction 30 80 Construction 12 80 18 NA


So, the above-looking table shows a change in the Mar 24, 2024 BC PNP draw figures. However, such changes are normal in Canadian immigration draws. Thus, we can expect these figures to change in the upcoming BC PNP draws.

But we can see that there is a positive rise in the selection of applicants from the construction and childcare sector. So, if your profile is in demand in BC then you will get a provincial nomination.

In short, know your BC PNP + PR visa chances. Take our Free Assessment or Contact Us.

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