PNP invitations drop in latest BC PNP draw by 24 points

PNP invitations drop in latest BC PNP draw by 24 points

Nov 21, 2023: British Columbia held its latest draw for the Skills Immigration category. The draw selects 161 applicants. But we see BC PNP invitations drop in latest BC PNP draw by 24 points. In comparison to the last Nov 06, 2023, similar draw we can confirm the same.


The details of Nov 21 and Nov 06 BC PNP Tech and targeted draw are:

Draw Target 21-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
Categories EOI score Invites EOI score Invites
 Tech 94 93 94 104
Healthcare 60 17 60 25
Construction 75 24 NA NA
Childcare 60 27 60 61

Looking at the above details we can see:

  • Firstly, 11 fewer tech applicants have an invitation to apply for the BC PNP nomination. No change in the EOI score requirement.
  • Secondly, 8 fewer healthcare applicants have an invitation. The EOI score requirement remains unchanged.
  • Also, 34 fewer applicants from the childcare sector have a PNP invitation.
  • Besides, the Nov 06, 2023, BC PNP draw did not invite applicants from the construction sector.
    • However, the current draw invites 24 applicants from the construction sector.
  • Overall, the current draw sees PNP invitations drop by 24 points.


British Columbia in past draws has been pulling in strongly on tech workers. In the process of the same other targeted sectors were being selected higher as well. Looking at the current draw details we may suspect a change in the rise of selection.

However, changes in draw figures are very normal. So, we can be hopeful of the selection of applicants for BC PNP nomination to go up in upcoming draws.

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