Perks of Choosing Canada over UK

Perks of choosing Canada over UK

If you aspire to live abroad a select few countries pop up immediately on your mind. But with it comes the endless calculations of costs to reach that country. And figuring a way to sustain yourself while living your dream in that country.

It is understood that you will choose a first world country to live and work in. Because it gives the benefits that you want to reap. The following are a few benefits of immigrating to a first world country.

Reasons for choosing to settle abroad

Sense of independence

When you move to a first world country like Canada or UK, it comes with its own set of challenges. Yes, the country is good, yes, your career will shoot to the roof, yes, it pays at a high scale, yes, it is safe, and one can go on and on about it.

But stepping onto foreign soil is an accomplishment and a fear-inducing factor as well. As human beings, we are tailored to fear the unknown. However, when we start facing our fears of how to figure things out on our own; we gain a sense of independence.

Each country has its own conditioning patterns such as Indians are considered as moral value-centric, the Philippines are seen as workaholics, and the Japanese are seen as allrounders. The whole idea of moving abroad is to become successful and grow in all spheres of life. If one could do it from the comfort of their home country, they would have chosen the same.

Besides, the truth about us lies in our individuality. This is the sense of freedom we get when starting our life abroad. And as it offers multiple benefits to us, this makes us self-confident and self-reliant.

As a result, in a country like Canada or UK, you can be you. And no one is going to judge or direct the story of your life.

Expansion of mindset – Cultural adjustment

Both Canada and UK see people from all over the globe enter their borders. Everyone brings with them their flavours, cultures, art, food, values, fashion, and lifestyle. This makes these countries a melting pot, where everyone comes together to live.

When you live abroad, you are bound to interact with different people, some might be your colleagues, neighbours, new friends, or strangers offering you help. In such a case, you are exposed to new thoughts, philosophies, cultures, and ways of life. This adds to your understanding of people and their cultures. And makes you more humane and sensitive.

Be it Canada or the UK, the elements of racism, xenophobia, and discrimination based on what you choose to wear or whom you pray to or what you eat etc are less but still there. However, compared to where you are immigrating from it might seem very subtle. Now, no one is advocating that you let it pass but the intensity that you may face or faced in your country might be more in comparison to the country to which you are moving.

Growth easily accessible

After moving to Canada or UK you will find less struggle. Because you will move in the country as a foreign skilled worker whose skills are in-demand. As a result, you will be able to grab a high pay scale job and get a promotion faster based on your incredible performance, and there will be fewer work politics. You will be working in a safe, secure, and positive work environment. Whereas in your home country getting a good job is a hard task on its own, the rest are the things that might fall but way too later in life.

Such is the benefit of living overseas. No more tension of making ends meet on a low salary, no more holding yourself from indulging in self-love and care, no more worrying about the quality of basic necessities or easy accessibility of the same.

Global professional network

When you work abroad you can grab and channel into the global market. This increases your skillset and allows you to succeed on a global platform. Also, a good network helps grab the top job offers, get referrals and recommendations for your profile, get business opportunities, etc. Looking at the above points both Canada and the UK seem like a good choice.

What are the perks of choosing Canada over UK?

Choosing whether to settle in Canada or the UK is a tough one. But instead of listing out Oh! Canada – the great ballad to prove the point; we can look at one factor that influences our decision.

If you have decided to go abroad the first thing you will figure out is the finances required. Thus, to reach a final decision we will have to see whether you can settle cost-effectively in Canada or the UK or not?

The perks of choosing Canada over UK are many. Let us look at the cost of living for both countries.

In 2022 Canada is currently 12% cheaper than the UK in cost of living. To support the same, on the world index of the cost of living; Canada ranks 31 (66.18) whereas the UK ranks 33 (65.67). This means living in Canada is comparatively cheaper than in the UK. Thus, these are the perks of choosing Canada over UK.


Major difference to note when seeing the perks of choosing Canada over UK

In addition, the following are the differences in the cost of living in these two countries:

  • Meals – Restaurant: Canada – CAD 20 | U.K – CAD 20.59 | ⇑ 2.93%
  • Alcoholic beverage: Canada – CAD 6 | U.K – CAD 6.33 | ⇑ 5.57%
  • Local transport (one way): Canada – CAD 3.20 | UK – CAD 3.96 | ⇑ 23.71%
  • Monthly transport pass: Canada – CAD 100 | UK – CAD 102.93 | ⇑ 2.93%
  • Cab: Canada – Canada – CAD 4.00 | UK – CAD 4.75 | ⇑ 18.77%
  • Gas (1 ltr) – Canada – CAD 1.51 | UK – CAD 2.42 | ⇑ 60.19%
  • Basic expenses – water, electricity, heating, water, garbage: Canada – CAD 171.76 | UK – CAD 258.76 | ⇑ 50.60%
  • Preschool education: Canada – CAD 1086.83 | UK – CAD 1519.11 | ⇑ 39.78%
  • Primary school: Canada – CAD 17512.38 | UK – CAD 20607.31 | ⇑ 17.67%
  • Avg monthly salary: Canada – CAD 4639.37 | UK – CAD 3620.86 | ⇑ 21.95%
  • Mortgage interest: Canada – 2.6% | UK – 3.08% | ⇑ 15.30%

So, looking at the above figures you can be clear about the perks of choosing Canada over UK.

In addition, here is a comparison of the top 5 cheapest cities in Canada and the UK. So, you can choose for yourself and see the perks of choosing Canada over UK.

Sherbrooke, Canada Vs London, UK

Consumer prices (including rent): 86% lower than in London.

Rent: 313.34% lower than in London.

Utilities: 157.65% lower than in London

Restaurant meals: 57.85% lower than in London.

Education: 312.45% lower than in London.

Besides, on average you will need CAD 8013.44 to live in London. But in Sherbrooke, you will need around CAD 4300.

St John’s, Canada Vs Oxford, UK

Consumer prices (including rent): 19.13% lower than in Oxford.

Rent: 130.08% lower than in Oxford.

Utilities: 3.42% higher than in Oxford.

Restaurant meals: 1.12% higher than in Oxford.

Education: 480.63% higher than in Oxford.

Besides, on average you will need CAD 5600 to live in St John’s. But in Oxford, you will need around CAD 6671.23.

Fredericton, Canada Vs Bath, UK

Consumer prices (including rent): fewer data available for comparison.

Rent: 72.12% lower than in Bath.

Restaurant meals: 52.70% lower than in Bath.

Education: 101.03% lower than in Bath.

Halifax, Canada Vs Cambridge, UK

Consumer prices (including rent): fewer data available for comparison.

Rent: 37.74% lower than in Cambridge.

Restaurant meals: 11.39% lower than in Cambridge.

Utilities: 33.15% lower than in Cambridge.

Education: 185.77% lower than in Cambridge

Trois Rivieres, Canada Vs Brighton

Consumer prices (including rent): 9.10% lower than in Brighton.

Rent: 130.08% lower than in Brighton.

Restaurant meals: 49.42% lower than in Brighton.

Utilities: 3.42% higher than in Brighton.

Education: 480.63% higher than in Brighton.

Besides, on average you will need CAD 6589.63% to live in Brighton. But in Trois Riviera, you will need around CAD 4300.

Further, looking at the figures, it will now be easy for you to see the perks of choosing Canada over UK. And why not? Such perks of choosing Canada over UK are the best.

Famous immigrants who moved abroad due to fear of persecution

If you need a little bit more reason, then here are a few people whose immigration history will make it all clear. If they were not able to move to Canada or the UK, the world would not have been able to benefit from such gems.

Rita Ora – Singer/Actress

Rita Ora (Palestinian descent) was born in Pristina, SFR Yugoslavia, now known as Kosovo. Her parents were of Albanian origin and were facing threats during the Yugoslavia wars. Thus, they made the wise decision to move with then 1-year-old Rita Ora to the UK. And now she is a global phenomenon.

Freddie Mercury – Legendary Singer

Everyone knows of the incomparable Freddie Mercury of the Queen band. He was born as Farrokh Balasara in Tanzania. And his parents fled with him due to the civil revolution. Freddie reached the U.K at the age of 17 and changed the way music was ever heard before.

Sigmund Freud

The father of psychology moved to the UK later in his life with his wife. He took refuge from Nazism and spent his last years in England. His contributions to dream psychology and the theories of psychoanalysis are the talks of the world. And it was all possible because he chose to move to the UK.

Honourable Michelle Jean

The 27th governor-general of Canada was an immigrant from Haiti who was fleeing from the Duvalier regime. With her hard work, commitment, and passion she became the first Caribbean origin journalist on a French news channel in Canada. Also, on Sep 27, 2005, she was appointed as the governor-general of Canada.

She with her Michaelle Jean Foundation continues to help immigrants and the young generation by supporting them.

Malala Yousafzai

The famous Pakistani activist who stood for education is also a Canadian citizen. The Nobel peace prize awardee after being shot in the face still continues to advocate for the rights of education for the children of Pakistan.

This list of people who have contributed significantly as immigrants is exhaustive. But do you think this would have been possible by staying in their home/resident country?


Choose to grow in Canada not die trying for the UK – Perks of choosing Canada over the UK

Everyone knows about Canada, talking about it again would seem too flattering. But now you know about the perks of choosing Canada over the UK.

While deciding, you would want to go to Canada. Because the UK is expensive and Canada, on the other hand, is not. Even the Canadian immigration process is quick and easy. Whereas for the UK, the immigration cost and visa processing times are higher.

So, what will you choose? The quick and easy Canada visa with less living cost in Canada or UK expensive visa and heavy living cost. Choose wisely!

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