PEI PNP issues 65 more ITAs in second PNP draw of Dec 2022

PEI PNP issues 65 more ITAs in second PNP draw of Dec 2022

Prince Edward Island held its second Dec PEI PNP draw on Dec 15 2022. And selected a total of 134 applicants for PNP nomination. Besides, PEI PNP issues 65 more ITAs in second PNP draw of Dec 2022. And this draw was conducted 14 days after the first draw on Dec 01, 2022.

In comparison to the last draw, we see a rise of 65 points in the selection of applicants.


The details of the Dec 15, 2022, PEI PNP draw are as the following:

Business Work Permit Entrepreneur

  • 7 ITAs issued.
  • Also, the qualifying draw score is 62.


Labour and Express Entry

  • 127 applicants have an ITA.


Moreover, looking at the above figures we can make a clear comparison between Dec 01, 2022, and Dec 15, 2022, PEI PNP draws such as:

  • Firstly, on Dec 01, 2022, the PEI PNP draw did not select applicants from the PEI PNP Business Work Permit Entrepreneur sub-stream.
  • Secondly, on Dec 15, 2022, PEI PNP draw selected:
    • 7 Applicants under the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur sub-stream.
    • Also, it selected 58 more applicants under the PEI PNP Labour and Express Entry sub-stream.
  • Thus, overall, the latest PEI PNP draw on Dec 15, 2022, selected 65 more applicants.

Prince Edward Island: Scope of draw outcomes and issuing of ITAs

So, looking at the PEI PNP past draws we can see a rise and fall in the selection of applicants. However, if we compare the past data we can still try and predict future draw outcomes. Thus, on the same note when we compare the latest draw with the past 3 PEI PNP draws, we can see changes such as:

  • Firstly, Nov 03 draw issued just 39 ITAs. So, this means the current draw issued 95 points more ITAs.
  • Secondly, Nov 17 draw issued 149 applicants. As a result, in the current draw, we see 15 points fall in ITAs.
  • But Dec 01 draw issued just 69 draws which shows the current draw issued 65 more ITAs.


The table below shows the changes in the last 4 draws.

Date Business Entrepreneurs Labour and Express Entry Total ITAs Change in ITAs in comparison to Dec 15, 2022, PEI PNP draw
Nov 03, 2022 N.A. 39 39 Up by 95 points
Nov 17, 2022 8 141 149 Lower by 15 points
Dec 01, 2022 N.A. 69 69 Up by 65 points
Dec 15, 2022 7 127 134 N.A.

Future PEI PNP draws to see constant fluctuation in figures

Further, looking at the draw trends we can expect changes in draw figures to continue. As a result, it is a bit difficult to say if we can expect the overall ITAs to rise or fall. However, irrespective of the same we can see that not a huge change in draw figures is seen.

As a result, the scope of selection of applicants for a provincial nomination from PEI is still positive. Thus, if you wish to get a PNP nomination and claim your permanent residency in Canada then apply now. Because there is no right time to apply.


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