The Partner of a Student Visa

The Partner of a student visa is for individuals wanting to join their partner while they study in New Zealand. As a visitor, they can enjoy New Zealand’s scenery, culture, and friendly people.

Visa Eligibility:

  • The individual should have plans to join their partner.
  • Should meet the character requirements.
  • Should be willing to leave New Zealand before the visa expires

What does this visa allow for:

  • Join the partner
  • Explore New Zealand as a visitor.
  • Study for up to 3 months.

Things to note:

  • An individual can apply for this visa at the same time their partner applies for their student visa. They’ll only be granted a visa, after their partner’s application is approved.
  • The applicant can’t work in New Zealand on a visitor visa.
  • The duration of the visa is the same time as their partner’s student visa

Visa conditions:

If an individual is granted this visa, there are certain conditions that are described below that they must meet

Entry permission – The individual must apply for entry permission when they arrive in New Zealand. They can do this by completing an arrival card, which they’ll be given on the way to New Zealand.

They individual can be refused entry permission if:

  • They do not meet the character requirements
  • Their circumstances have changed since they were granted a visa
  • They refuse to let their photo be taken or to provide their fingerprints or an iris scan when asked to do so.
  • They’re unable to provide evidence of any onward travel or funds required by the conditions of their visa.

Travel – If the individual wants to travel in and out of New Zealand, they must have valid multiple entry travel conditions to return to New Zealand. Their travel conditions will be explained on their visa label or visa letter.

Onward travel – The individual must have a travel ticket or enough money to buy one.

Unless their visa label or letter states “Return/onward travel not required” they must have a ticket to leave New Zealand whenever they travel here.

Funds or sponsorship – They must have enough money to support themselves while they’re in New Zealand or have a sponsor. They may be asked for evidence of funds or sponsorship when they arrive in New Zealand.

Study/Work – They can study for up to 3 months but they cannot work in New Zealand on this visa