Parents and Grandparents Super Visa Holders Per Entry Limit Goes Up

Parents and Grandparents Super Visa Holders Per Entry Limit Goes Up

From July 04, 2022, Canada is increasing the validity of the Parents and Grandparents Super Visa. The visa is valid for 10 years but has a per-entry limit of 2 years. This means even though it is a multiple entry visa, the visa holder can stay in Canada for 2 years. After that, they will have to exit the country to re-enter again.

Now, Canada is updating this limit and the visa holders will be able to re-enter after every 5 years.

The reforms were announced by Honourable Minister Sean Fraser stating the following:

  • Parents and Grandparents’ Super Visa will now allow visa holders to stay in Canada for 5 years per entry.
  • Also, visa holders who are in Canada can now apply for an extension of 2 years. So, this means they can get a total of 7 years of stay in Canada.
  • Besides, the minister is now allowing people to take medical insurance from international companies. Earlier, applicants needed to show they had medical coverage from an IRCC-approved Canadian insurance company.

The Parents and Grandparents Super Visa holders per entry limit goes up. This adds to the overall benefits for the same. Besides, the super visa is an alternative to the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP). Because Canada was getting tons of applications under this program. Every year the country receives more than 200,000 applications for permanent residency in Canada under the PGP. Whereas Canada only selects 20,000 applications.

So, the new reform by IRCC will help more people to successfully move and reunite with their families.

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