Ontario’s 2019 budget worth $163.4 billion includes New Immigration Stream

New opportunities for High tech skilled Immigrants

The provincial government of Ontario on 11th April 2019, announced new immigration stream for tech workers including a new immigration pilot project.

Significantly, the aim is to attract highly skilled immigrants to smaller communities in the province.

The announcement includes four immigration priorities mentioned in the province’s new budget. Ultimately focussing on attracting skilled workers required in Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

Most importantly, constant modification in the OINP is to ensure that the Ontario workforce remains most highly skilled.

New Pilot project for focusing for Immigration in smaller communities

To point out, Canada proposed the pilot project following a demand from the community leaders in Northern Ontario.

Notably, the pilot project has similar features to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP).
(AIP) is a joint federal-provincial initiative that allows designated employers in Canada’s four Atlantic provinces to recruit skilled foreign workers for jobs they haven’t been able to fill locally. As per the government statement, the purpose of the pilot project is to spread the benefits the immigration to smaller communities.

Inclusion of various occupations in In-demand Stream

On the other hand, Ontario’s new budget also focuses on the inclusion of truck drivers and personal support workers. But, the candidates must be employed in the occupations that are eligible for the OINP’s Employer Job Offer only.

Among other criteria, the stream also allows the OINP to nominate foreign workers with a permanent and full-time job offer. But the condition is that the job offer should be from an Ontario employer in one of its eligible occupations to apply to live and work permanently in Ontario.

Entrepreneur immigration

The government’s introduction of fourth immigration-related innovation in Ontario’s 2019 budget promises to “recalibrate” investment net worth thresholds for the OINP’s Entrepreneur Stream.

There are multiple criteria’s for eligibility which is, as follow:

The requirement for stream’s eligibility with current minimum net worth regardless of the location.

$1,500,000 minimum net worth for entrepreneurs hoping to locate within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
$800,000 minimum net worth for entrepreneurs hoping to locate their business outside the GTA.
$800,000 minimum net worth for entrepreneurs in the ICT/Digital Communications sector regardless of where they want their business to be located.

Whereas, The current minimum personal investment thresholds are:

$1,000,000 minimum personal investment if the business is within the GTA location.
$500,000 minimum personal investment if the business is outside the GTA location.
$500,000 minimum personal investment if the proposed business will be in the ICT/Digital Communications sector regardless of location.

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