Ontario sets PAL limit for Canada Study Permit applicants

Ontario sets PAL limit for Canada study permit applicants

Breaking News: Ontario shares the much-awaited allocation for issuing Provincial Attestation Letters (PAL) to study permit applicants. Yes, finally, Ontario sets PAL limit for Canada study permit applicants.

Key highlights:

  • Firstly, 95% of PAL allocations will go to public colleges and universities.
  • Secondly, the remaining 4% is to be divided between language schools, private colleges and other institutions.
  • Also, career colleges or private colleges are excluded from the PAL limit for study permit applicants.
  • Besides, Ontario has set this limit by focusing on study programs in in-demand areas such as:
    • Skilled Trades
    • Health human resources
    • STEM
    • Hospitality
    • Childcare
  • In addition, Ontario plans to prioritise its focus on French-language study programs.
    • Because Ontario employers have a high demand for applicants with French language skills.
  • All public institutions except Algoma University will see admission intake as per 2023 levels.
  • 11 of 24 Ontario’s public universities will keep admission intake similar to 2023.
    • However, there will be an application intake fall for institutions under private-public college partnerships.
    • This includes Conestoga College with a major impact.


Who can get PAL as per Ontario’s New PAL limit for Canada study permit applicants?

The other question post-Ontario allocating the PALs is, how can applicants successfully apply for a PAL? But Ontario has yet to set up a channel/system for the same. However, we can expect the same to happen before the IRCC deadline of Mar 31, 2024.

At the moment, Ontario advises study visa aspirants to contact their colleges and universities regarding the same. Because applicants can not apply directly to get a PAL. But rather raise requests with their DLI which will connect with the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

Once the PAL is issued by the ministry the applicants DLI will share the same with them.

Ontario is joined by British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, New Foundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan which are now issuing PAls.

However, the remaining provinces will share their update on PAL by Mar 31, 2024.

But it is advisable to apply for a Canada Study Visa as soon as possible. If you apply before any new rule comes, your visa application is processed as per the earlier rules.

So, make the most of the current situation. Secure your Seat to Study in Canada in 2024.

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