Ontario News: Government Proposes “Protecting what Matters Most”

Ontario News: Focus on Job Creation

The Ontario government’s 2019 Budget, Protecting What Matters Most, is the government’s proposed plan. Uniquely, focusing on making the business grow and create more job opportunities. Thus, helping Ontario getting back on track of growth.

Meanwhile, Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford said, “With our Ontario Job Creation Investment Incentive bringing real relief to job creators”.

He further Added “Driving Prosperity strategy making our auto industry more competitive, we are making Ontario a leading destination for investment and job creation.”

Premier Doug Ford reinforced the Budget commitment to help create good jobs and fight for Ontario workers.

The premier was referring to Veoneer Canada Inc. which usually deals with advanced-assistance systems and collaborative and automated driving.

Todd Smith, Minister of Economic Growth, Job Creation and Trade joined Ford and stated, “Our government is committed to creating an environment where businesses, like Veoneer, can invest, grow and create good jobs right here in Ontario,”

Additionally, he said “That’s why we are cutting red tape, reducing business costs and acting on our 10-year plan for the auto sector. There’s never been a better time to invest in Ontario.”

Surprisingly, Since June 2018, 123,200 jobs have been created across Ontario.

The Ontario government’s Proposed plan, “Protecting What Matters Most” includes:

  • Saving businesses $3.8 billion in corporate tax relief over six years through the Ontario Job Creation Investment Incentive and $5 billion total in 2019, along with taking other actions to reduce costs for businesses and support job creation;
  • Modernizing Ontario’s business support programs through the Open for Jobs Blueprint, including reviewing grant programs to improve regional economic development;
  • Reducing regulatory barriers through the Open for Business Action Plan (saving businesses over $400 million in ongoing compliance costs);
  • Implementing the 10-year Driving Prosperity auto sector plan, investing $40 million over the next three years; and

Moreover, Ontario’s Open for Business Action Plan has set two targets for 2020 to help businesses keep, grow and create good jobs. In Addition, to save Ontario companies at least $400 million per year in the cost of complying with regulations.

Therefore, the government is also keeping Ontario open for business and open for jobs. Notably, by fighting the federal government’s job-killing, unconstitutional carbon tax with every tool at its disposal.

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