Ontario issues 15143 PNP invitations in 2023

Ontario issues 15143 PNP invitations in 2023

The OINP Human Capital Priorities stream is making rounds in Canadian immigration for the stark rise in the PNP invitations. At the moment, we see Ontario issues 15143 PNP invitations in 2023. Whereas in 2022, this figure was standing at 4000.

One must argue the effect of COVID restrictions and the recovery phase for a fall in figures in 2022. Canadian immigration is still working on and recovering from the aftermath of COVID-19. As the country is trying hard to fill its job vacancies. Another pressure is on keeping the economy afloat amidst it all.


In the current situation, the inflow of immigrants is the utmost need of the hour. This is being tackled by:


So, technically speaking Canada is doing everything to grow the inflow of foreign skilled workers. Whereas Ontario is becoming a good shareholder of the same vision.


Ontario raises selection of applicants in 2023 compared to 2022 OINP draw results

Just compare the current 2023, OINP results with that of 2022. And the result is astonishing as seen below:

OINP category 2023 NOIs 2022 NOIs Difference in NOIs issued
Human Capital Priorities (HCP) Stream 15413 4012 11401
French Speaking Skilled Worker (FSSW) Stream 1490 1539 49
Skilled Trades Stream 7506 7512 6


So, looking at the table above, we can see a strong rise in the selection of applicants under the OINP Human Capital Priorities Stream. Moreover, the year is yet to end, and we can expect more OINP draws for its categories to come in. And as per the selection of 15143 applicants under OINP HCP, we can expect more soon.

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