Ontario issues 1469 NOIs under OINP Masters and PhD stream

Ontario issues 1469 NOIs under OINP Masters and PhD stream

Jan 24, 2024: Ontario holds the first OINP draws targeting Masters and PhD stream applicants. The applicants have been selected in two different draws where Ontario issues 1469 NOIs under OINP Masters and PhD stream.

The details of the 2 OINP draws are as follows:

OINP Masters stream draw

  • Firstly, 1344 applicants have an invitation to apply for PNP nomination.
  • Secondly, the cut-off for this draw is 50.


OINP PhD stream draw

  • Firstly, 125 applicants have a PNP invitation.
  • Secondly, the score requirement for this stream is 45.


Who can apply to the OINP Masters or PhD Graduate Streams?

If you wish to apply to anyone 1 of the above OINP categories, then you must meet the following terms:

  • Education 1-year study program from a DLI in Ontario (Masters applicants). 2 years PhD program for PhD stream applicants.
  • Language: CLB/NCLC 7
  • Residence: Have lived in Ontario for 1 year in 2 years before applying.
  • Funds: Must have enough funds to support yourself and or your dependent family members.
  • Intent: You must agree to settle in Ontario.
  • Residence (when applying): You can apply from inside or outside Canada.
  • Legal status: Mandatory to have a legal status if applying from inside Canada.
  • Application submission: You must submit your OINP application within 2 years of completing your education in Ontario.


In addition, remember Ontario has eligible Universities/Colleges that provide Master’s and PhD degrees towards these streams. So, you must check the same before studying in Ontario. And also while applying to OINP under these two OINP streams for PNP nomination.

In short, if you wish to settle in Canada through the right and legal channel then apply with GVI. Give your Canada PNP + PR visa application a kickstart by verifying your application from a CICC Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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