Ontario holds first draw for Masters and PhD stream applicants

Aug 18, 2021: Ontario holds first draw for Masters and PhD stream applicants

In one of a kind draws, Ontario holds first draw for Masters and PhD stream applicants. The province issued 479 ITAs to qualifying applicants. Also, the details of the same are as follows:

  • OINP Masters Graduate Stream – 402 ITAs and EOI score set at 39.
  • OINP PhD Graduate Stream – 77 ITAs and EOI score set at 17.

OINP’s above two mentioned streams are for applicants who wish to get a nomination. If you have an ITA in this draw, then it means the following:

  • Have applied under either the Master’s or PhD stream of OINP.
  • Submitted an EOI application online.
  • Have a 1-year master’s degree or a 2 year PhD degree from a recognised Ontario university.
  • For Master’s – minimum of CLB/NCLC 7 or higher for English/French language skill level.
  • Are living in Ontario for the past 1 year within a total of 2 years.
  • Have settlement funds.
  • Agree to live in Ontario.
  • Besides, at the time of applying you must be either living in Ontario with legal status or are outside Canada.
  • Have applicable, have legal status in Canada.
  • Further, you must apply to OINP within 2 years of getting either your Master’s or PhD degree.
  • Finally, have a qualifying EOI score.

Once you get a nomination from Ontario, you can further apply to IRCC for a Canada PR. After getting an ITA to apply for permanent residence in Canada, you must submit a complete application within 60 days. Because your ITA is valid for 60 days. IRCC will then process your application and if found satisfactory will grant you PR for Canada.

If you too are looking for the same, then apply now. Start by taking our Free Assessment or Contact Us to know more about Canada Immigration.

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