Ontario begins 2023 selects 1252 applicants in OINP draw

Jan 13, 2023: Ontario begins 2023 selects 1252 applicants in OINP draw

With the beginning of the new year, new hopes for applicants successfully getting permanent residency in Canada are also going up. As Ontario begins 2023 selects 1252 applicants in OINP draw. Jan 13, 2023, is off to a right start with picking 1252 applicants under its OINP Skilled Trades Stream.

Besides, applicants who have a Notification of Interest (NOI) in this draw had a CRS score between 336-506. In addition, the current draw is a targeted draw. And selected applicants whose job profiles come under 42 targeted occupations.


Who can get an NOI under the OINP Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream?

If you wish to get an NOI under this OINP sub-stream then you must meet terms such as:

  • Firstly have a minimum qualifying work experience of 1 year.
  • Secondly, have a valid licensing/certification if applicable.
  • Also, you must be legally living and working in Ontario.
  • Besides, have a language skill level of CLB 5 or more.
  • Further, have settlement funds for yourself and your family members (if accompanying).
  • Finally, intend to live and settle in Ontario.


In addition to the above, you must have a valid and active Express Entry profile. However, to do the same you must:


Ontario picks up skilled workers from the EE pool as per its labour market and economic needs. As a result, if you are selected you will get a Notification of Interest (NOI), after which you apply to OINP for a provincial nomination certificate.

What happens when you get a nomination under OINP?

When you get a provincial nomination against your Express Entry (EE) profile, your chances of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada go up. This is because you get an additional 600 CRS points for claiming a nomination under OINP. Thus, when IRCC conducts periodic Express Entry draws, as your overall CRS rank/score goes up your chances of getting an ITA are also higher.


So as Ontario begins 2023 selects 1252 applicants in OINP draw you too can now make the most of the same in upcoming draws. Because with such a good start to the year 2023, we should expect Ontario (OINP) to issue a higher number of NOIs in upcoming draws.

As a result, apply now and get a Canada PR visa soon in 2023. Start by taking our Free Assessment. Contact Us to know more about Canada Immigration Pathways.

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