OINP holds 4 PNP draws for foreign workers and students

OINP holds 4 PNP draws for foreign workers and students

Ontario shares the latest OINP draw details. Under its Employer Job Offer (EJO) category, the provinces selected 2650 applicants in 4 OINP draws. These draws were further conducted for the EJO sub-categories Foreign Worker and International Student streams. Technically, OINP holds 4 PNP draws for foreign workers and students which is much-awaited positive news.


The complete details of 4 OINP PNP draws are:

Date Category NOIs Issued Profiles Created Score Range Draw Type
Mar-12-2024 EJO: Foreign Worker stream 11 Mar-12-2023 to Mar-12-2024 NA Targeted draw (EMPP)
Mar-12-2024 EJO: International Student stream  1306 Mar-12-2023 to Mar-12-2024 72 and more General draw
Mar-12-2024 649 66 and more Targeted draw: Skilled Trades occupations
Mar-12-2024 684 72 and more Targeted draw: Healthcare & Tech profiles

So, looking at the 4 OINP draws for foreign workers and students we can assess the following:

  • Firstly, 11 applicants who qualify for the Economic Mobility Pathway Project (EMPP) have an invitation under the EJO Foreign Worker Stream.
    • However, no draw cut-off is shared by OINP.
  • Secondly, under the EJO International Students stream, we see:
    • The general draw selected 1306 applicants with a score requirement of 72 or more.
    • But for the 2 OINP targeted draws we see:
      • 649 applicants whose job profile comes under 1 of the 63 targeted skilled trades occupations have a PNP invitation.
      • 684 applicants with job profiles under either 1 of 41 health occupations or 15 tech occupations have a PNP invitation.

Besides, the Mar 12, 2024, EMJ: Foreign Worker draw is the 6th OINP draw this year. Whereas the EMJ: International Student stream held 2 draws for the first time.

In short, make use of the current positive draw patterns. So, take our Free Assessment or Contact Us to learn more from Canada Visa Experts.


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