Skilled Worker Stream

Skilled Worker Stream

The Skilled Worker Stream helps employers to hire skilled workers whose skills are limited in the province. Also, it helps Nova Scotia meet its labour force needs. Further, it helps in hiring and retaining foreign skilled workers by giving them a nomination for permanent residence.

Besides, to apply to this program you must have a full-time job offer from an employer from Nova Scotia.

What are the terms for applying to the NSNP Skilled Worker Stream?

The following are the terms you must meet to apply:

  • Job offer
  • Work experience
  • Education level and training
  • Language skills
  • Immigration status
  • Adaptability and intent to settle in Nova Scotia
  • Funds and settlement

Job Offer

To apply to the Skilled Worker Stream, you must have a job offer from a Nova Scotia employer before applying to the program. Also, this job offer must be permanent and full-time (a minimum of 30 hours a week). Besides NSOI assess job offer as per the National Occupational Classification (NOC) such as:

  • Firstly, if the job offer is in a Skilled Occupation (NOC 0, A, and B)Intermediate Skilled Occupation (NOC C), or Low Skilled Occupation (NOC D);
  • Secondly, if your education, qualifications, and training match the requirements of the job; and
  • Finally, if the job offer meets the Canada govt set or provincial wage rate;

Besides your job offer must not be:

  • As seasonal, part-time or for a casual worker;
  • Sales job that offers only commission instead of a regular salary;
  • In the caregiver program;
  • A job that is not based in Nova Scotia;
  • Working for a home-based business employer;
  • Are self-employed;
  • Planning to start a business or become self-employed;
  • Hold most shares in a Nova Scotia business;
  • Are a passive investor (who invest in a Nova Scotia business but does not intend to be active in the day to day management and operations of business).


All applications from the low skilled and intermediate skilled occupation are considered by NSOI as per the current labour market needs and terms. Also, applicants from low skilled and intermediate skilled occupation must meet all the terms. Further, must have a minimum of 6cmonths of work experience with a Nova Scotia employer. Besides, the employer must strongly support the applicant.

Work Experience

  • Minimum 12 months of work experience within 5 years (minimum of 1560 hours) in Nova Scotia job, barring any volunteer work or unpaid internships;
  • Also, submit the reference letter(s) to prove the same

Education Level and Training

At the time of application, you must have completed a minimum of a high-school diploma and must have required training/skills and or accreditation needed to do the job. Also, you must have the licenses/certification required to perform job duties and responsibilities.

Language Skills

NOC 0, A, or B job:

To submit proof of language skills for a job that falls under NOC 0, A, or B, you must submit language test results for English (IELTS, CELPIP) or French (TCF, TEF). You must have a minimum of CLB/NCLC level 5. Also, you can prove the same by submitting educational transcripts and employment history and references that prove that the language of communication was English/French.

NOC C and D

If your job falls under NOC skill level C or D, you must submit language test results with minimum CLB level 4 across all 4 skill areas such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. These test results must not be more than 2 years old at the time of applying. You can submit test results from one of the following for English/French:

  • TCF
  • TEF
Language Skill Level Language Test Listening Reading Writing Speaking
NOC 0, A, and B IELTS 5 4 5 5
CELPIP 5 5 5 5
TEF 181 151 226 226
TCF 369 375 6 6
Language Skill Level Language Test Listening Reading Writing Speaking
NOC C and D IELTS 4.5 3.5 4 4
CELPIP 4 4 4 4
TEF 145 121 181 181
TCF 331 342 4 4

Immigration Status

You must submit

  • A copy of valid passports/travel documents
    • Copy of valid passports for you and your family;
    • Copy of visa if the country of residence is different from the country of origin;
    • If applicable, proof of past temporary residence permits;
    • Proof of past applications to federal and provincial Canada immigration programs.
  • Proof of legal status if the country of residence is different from the country of origin.


Adaptability and Intent to Settle in Nova Scotia

To apply to the Skilled Worker Program, you must give proof of an intent to live, settle, and work in the province. You can do so by providing:

  • An explanation for choosing Nova Scotia to settle and how it benefits you and your family;
  • You can submit details of plans for accommodation/residence, transportation, employment/job, schools or childcare, language training programs and step to integrate into the community.