Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

The Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities (NSLMP) stream selects applicants as per its labour market needs. It selects applicants from the federal Express Entry system.  To apply to this stream, the applicant must have a Letter of Interest from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI).

Who can apply to NSLMP stream?

To apply, meet the program’s 5 key terms such as:

  • Have received a Letter of Interest from Nova Scotia, to apply to the program
  • Meet other draw-specific terms of the program
  • Work experience
  • Settlement funds
  • Immigration status

Letter of Interest

To apply an applicant must have received a Letter of Interest. Because this letter shows that Nova Scotia invites you to apply for nomination for permanent residence in Canada. Besides, The province will only offer this letter if:

  • Firstly, you have a valid and active Express Entry profile;
  • Secondly, meet a Nova Scotia identified labour market priority; and
  • Also, show an intention of moving to the province through Express Entry.

Additional draw-specific terms

All applicants receive Letter of Interests as per specific criteria decided by the NSOI. Also, the criteria are different for every draw. Because they are as per the labour market needs of NS. Besides, to qualify, applicants must meet the draw terms as shared by NS from time to time.

Work Experience

To qualify you must meet the minimum work-experience requirement of one of 3 Express Entry streams such as:


Immigration Status

To apply, meet the following immigration status terms such as:

  • Must have legal status in the country of residence;
  • Must not be on a removal order or not allowed to enter Canada;
  • Also, must not be a refugee, or refugee claimant.
  • If in Canada on a work permit, it must be valid at the time of application.