Nova Scotia offered 12900 study permit slots for 2024

Nova Scotia offered 12900 study permit slots for 2024

Breaking News: Nova Scotia has shared its study permit allocation slots for 2024. This makes it the 10th Canadian province to do so. As per the Canadian government, Nova Scotia offered 12900 study permit slots for 2024.

Key Highlights

  • Firstly, Nova Scotia can select 12,900 applicants for Canada study visas.
    • In 2023, the province was offered 7000 more slots for the same.
    • Also, in 2023, the province issued 16,000 study permits.
  • Secondly, the province is distributing these study permit slots between 32 DLI’s.
    • 11,565 – 10 Universities & Nova Scotia Community College.
    • 710 – Private career colleges.
    • 526 – 9 language schools.
    • 99 – Reserved for unexpected situations.
  • Also, the province is focusing on priority study programs.
    • This means applicants applying to these courses will have high approval chances.

As of Jan 22, 2024, the federal government has set a cap on international students. To regulate the inflow of international students. Also,  remove the scope of fraud, evade the housing crisis, and continue offering lucrative benefits to international students.

The cap also calls for issuing Provincial Attestation Letters (PALs). Now, the province will confirm the enrolment of international students in its DLIs by issuing a PAL. However, Canada has allocated the number of PALs provinces and territories can issue.

This is after considering multiple factors such as the number of DLIs, population size, provincial challenges etc. This is why Nova Scotia has 12,900 slots to issue PALs to applicants who enrol in its DLIs.

Amazingly, applicants who are enroling in Master’s and PhD programs do not have to face a cap on student intake. Also, they do not need to get a PAL along with an LOA to apply for a Canada study visa.

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