Nov 09 2022 Express Entry draw issues 4750 ITAs with CRS falling to 494

Nov 09 2022 Express Entry draw issues 4750 ITAs with CRS falling to 494

IRCC shared the latest update on its most popular and famous Express Entry (EE) System. As per the update, the Nov 09 2022 Express Entry draw issues 4750 ITAs with CRS falling to 494. People who have been keeping a tab on the Express Entry all-program draws since its resumption on July 06, 2022, were expecting higher ITA figures in the current draw.

However, one can always look at both sides of the coin to get a better overview of the draws to come. The details of the current draw are as the following:

  • 4750 ITAs issued with a CRS cut-off requirement of 494.
  • In comparison, to the last Oct 26, 2022 EE draw, we see:
    • No change in issuing of ITAs.
    • The CRS cut-off is lower by just 2 points.
  • Also, the tie-breaking rule has been set to June 06, 2022, 20:48:23 UTC.
    • This means if more than 1 applicant matches the cut-off then based on the time and date of submission of the EE profile, an ITA will be awarded.
  • Besides, applicants who have an ITA in this draw can now apply to IRCC for a Canada PR visa.
    • To do so, they must submit a complete permanent residency visa application for Canada.
    • Also, the applicant must include all supporting documents applicable.

Further, IRCC will then process the PR visa application for Canada. After the successful processing of the application, the applicant will get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR).

Will no change in Nov 09, 2022, Express Entry draw figures affect upcoming EE draws?

To understand the question at hand, we must look at the past draw trends and how it has affected the draw outcomes. The following data clearly shows:

  • The frequency of draws.
  • The changes in ITAs issued and the CRS cut-off.

Nov 09 2022 Express Entry draw issues 4750 ITAs with CRS falling to 494

Looking at the above graph from right to left we can observe the following:

  • The ITAs have been on a constant rise. Post-July 06, 2022, EE draw we see:
    • July 20, 2022, EE draw to Aug 17, 2022 EE draw – Steady rise of 250 points in ITAs in each draw.
    • Aug 31, 2022, EE draw to Oct 26, 2022 EE draw – Steady rise of 500 points in ITAs in each draw.
    • However, the current draw is the only exception where we do not see any change in issuing of ITAs.
  • For the CRS cut-off we see:
    • The highest 15 points fall in July 20, 2022, EE draw.
    • Whereas the lowest of 2 points fall is observed in the current draw.

Looking at the above details, we can see that the issuing of invitations to submit a Canada PR visa application is on a rise. So, looking at the next scheduled draw on Nov 23, 2022, we should expect a rise in ITAs and a slight change in the CRS cut-off.

Overall, looking at Nov 09 2022 Express Entry draw issues 4750 ITAs with CRS falling to 494, we should expect positive updates ahead.

How to get a hassle-free Canada permanent residency via the Express Entry (EE) System in 2023?

On Nov 01, 2022, Sean Fraser (Honourable Immigration Minister) announced the Immigration Levels Targets 2023-2025. And highlighted Canada’s prime goal of selecting:

  • 2023 – 465,000 people
  • 2024 – 485,000 people 
  • 2025 – 500,000 people

The minister also shared how the targets complement Canada’s economic growth in the face of:

  • 1.2 million and rapidly rising job vacancies.
  • 9 million people retiring in 2023.
  • Oncoming recession in 2023.

The new targets are at an all-time high in comparison to the 2021-2024 immigration levels plan. As we can see with each year there is a strong rise in the target levels. With the prime aim of issuing 500,000 PR visas in 2025. However, this does not seem like a shot in the dark. Because the country has a history of breaking its targets as witnessed in 2020.

And despite the onset of covid-19, Canada has shown strong growth in the selection of applicants for a Canada visa. Thereby, assuring everyone that it will once again break its 2022 target of 431,645. And will move forward strongly towards achieving the 2023-2025 immigration targets.

Nov 09 2022 Express Entry draw issues 4750 ITAs with CRS falling to 494. Looking at the above trajectory immigration draws are heading towards a positive direction. So, make the most of the strong ongoing positive Canada immigration trends.

Who can apply to the EE System?

If you wish to get hassle-free entry into Canada then nothing compares to Canada’s Express Entry (EE) System. The EE System is an application management system that helps Canada fast-track the selection of eligible and skilled applicants for a Canada PR visa. To apply you must:

  • Apply online as per eligibility under 1 of the EE sub-streams such as:
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
    • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Also, meet Human Capital Factors:
    • Age
    • Education
    • Work Experience
    • Language Skills

After launching your EE profile online your profile enters an EE pool. Where you will get a CRS rank under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The aim post getting a rank is to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR Visa. Canada holds periodic draws for the EE System categories and releases a CRS cut-off. This means applicants who match or exceed this cut-off get an invitation to apply. And will have 60 days to submit a complete and error-free visa application with all required supporting documents.

IRCC will then process the visa application and if found satisfactory give a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR).

Nov 09 2022 Express Entry draw issues 4750 ITAs with CRS falling to 494. In case you are wondering, ‘What to expect from Express Entry System in 2023‘? Click

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