NOIs up 16 points in Mar 30 2023 AAIP PNP draw

NOIs up 16 points in Mar 30 2023 AAIP PNP draw

Alberta in its latest AAIP PNP draw issued 150 NOIs. Besides, NOIs up 16 points in Mar 30 2023 AAIP PNP draw but the CRS cut-off too is up by 71 points. This is the highest rise in the CRS cut-off requirement up till now amongst all the AAIP draws of 2023.


Moreover, to qualify in the current draw applicants needed to have a minimum CRS score of 372. And applicants had to match additional criteria to be eligible for consideration for an NOI such as:

  • Firstly, have a family connection in Alberta.
  • Secondly, your job profile must be in demand in the province.
  • Finally, your CRS rank must be between 300 – 500.


In comparison to the last AAIP Mar 09, 2023, draw we can see some changes in the draw figures:

  • NOIs are up by 16 points.
  • CRS cut-off is up by 71 points.


The above number is positive in terms of the rise in the selection of applicants. But can be a bit alarming for applicants who do not match the CRS cut-off criteria. However, to see such changes in the AAIP draws is not a surprise.

We can see the same from the graph indicating AAIP PNP draw figure changes from Aug 10, 2021, [first AAIP {earlier known as AINP} draw] to Mar 30, 2023 (current AAIP draw).

AAIP draws Aug 10, 2021 to Mar 30, 2023.

Looking at the above details it is clear that Alberta has a history of fluctuations in both CRS cut-off and NOIs for PNP nomination.

However, we always see Alberta bouncing back majorly with a stark rise in the selection of applicants. Thus, if you wish to get a provincial nomination from Alberta in 2023 then you must Apply Now!

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