No sign of promised new open work permit for PGWP holders

Canada Immigration: No sign of promised new open work permit for PGWP holders

Honourable Immigration Minister Sean Fraser in April made an announcement that PGWP holders whose visa is expiring will be able to claim an extension of up to 18 months.

However, July month is coming to end with no sign of such an update. Thus, PGWP applicants are losing their visas and can only do the following:

Such delay is creating fear amongst the visa holders as they will lose their jobs. And will have to leave Canada or resort to illegal pathways to remain in Canada. But the latter is out of the question for anyone. Because attracts legal punishments leading to an ultimate ban of 5 years. So, any visa holder aspiring to live in Canada would avoid it at all costs.

When the minister was prompted for an answer he shared that there were technical issues which were not letting them roll out the measure. The aim of the new measure is to help PGWP holders continue their stay in Canada legally.

Because due to the pandemic the Express Entry (EE) System – CEC draws were on hold. So, the applicants could not clear the draw. And also, when the CEC application is processing they can apply for a Bridging Open Work Permit. But now the options for such visa holders were very limited. And till now there is no sign of promised new open work permit for PGWP holders.

Canada is expecting that by the end of the year 95000 PGWP visas will expire. However, if the new update comes into action then more than 50,000 applicants can successfully stay in Canada.

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