New Saskatchewan PNP Draw Invites 36 Applicants from Ukraine

Mar 04, 2022: Latest immigration updates shows New Saskatchewan PNP Draw Invites 36 Applicants from Ukraine

Amidst the existing chaos that has spurred from the current developing spar between Russia and Ukraine, Canada has shown a light of hope. We all are aware of the ongoing warfare and Russia’s thirst to conquer and Ukraine’s unparalleled zeal to remain independent. But war as stated in history has never resulted in any good that comes out of it.

For lives are lost, families broken and disoriented, nations displaced, and life comes to a pause at ground zero. And yet we have Canada who again has chosen to keep heading on the path of humanity.

The country at the start of the Russia Vs Ukraine crisis openly sided and extended support to Ukraine. And has given up to $650 million in assistance. And in latest developments has opened its doors to Ukrainians who can enter the country on an expedited Canada immigration pathway.

Now, Ukrainians running to find shelter and safety can call Canada their forever home.

A fine example of the same is the latest draw details from the Mar 04, 2022, Saskatchewan SINP draw.

Canada stands for Ukraine: New Saskatchewan PNP Draw Invites 36 Applicants from Ukraine

Saskatchewan recently held its new SINP draw. Also, the draw targets people who are from Ukraine. The details of the same are the following:

Express Entry sub-stream

  • 14 Ukrainians have an ITA.
  • The CRS cut off is 61.

Occupations in-demand sub-stream

  • 22 Ukrainians have an ITA.
  • The CRS cut-off is 60.

Besides,  even though the SINP selected 36 applicants the final decision on Canada PR rests with IRCC.

Moreover, now with an ITA, the qualifying applicants can apply for nomination. Also, after getting a nomination they can apply to IRCC for Canada PR.

However, applicants who have an ITA under the SINP Express Entry sub-stream are in for a treat. Because when they get a nomination against their EE profile, they will get an extra 600 CRS score. So, their chances of getting an ITA to apply for permanent residence in Canada will go up.

New Saskatchewan PNP Draw Invites 36 Applicants from Ukraine. And we should be preparing for such draws in future.

In conclusion, be it any part of the world, each human being strives to rise. And when you live in a world that is closely inter-connected immigration is the only way to live and lead a successful life.

As a result, Canada sees a huge wave of people trying to be a part of Canada. Because everyone wants to be happy, safe and successful.

Whether you are Ukrainian or any other human being, choose what is best for you and your people.

Start by taking our Free Assessment to make a move to Canada. Contact Us to know how Canada can transform your life.

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