New Quebec Employer Recruitment Portal introduced

As per the latest Quebec immigration update, New Quebec Employer Recruitment Portal introduced to help employers directly hire employees.

New Quebec Employer Recruitment Portal introduced. The minister Nadine Girault shared the news on November 05, 2020. As per the new Employer Portal, employers will be able to hire candidates directly. 

This will help in the hiring of skilled workers. And help businesses meet their labour needs. To do so, employers can hire immigrants through the Arrima Portal. Now, they can visit the ministry website, choose the applicant that best suits their needs. And then offer them a job to kick start the immigration process. 

Besides, the portal is a free tool. It connects foreign nationals with businesses in Quebec. Also, it makes the hiring process short and easy. And helps start the immigration process through the portal instead of doing from outside.

If you want to enjoy the services of this portal, then you must:

  • Register your company on the Arrima Portal.
  • Submit a request for online support.
    • After that, an immigration advisor will contact you within 5 working days.
  • Besides, only companies who are registered under the Enterprise Register can apply.

New Quebec Employer Recruitment Portal introduced. What do employers get?

Now Quebec employers can hire:

  • Temporary and permanent foreign workers through:
    • Taking part in recruitment missions.
    • Using the Employer Portal
  • Minorities (ethnocultural and immigrants) who are in the province.
  • Post Graduate Work Permit holders (students or international graduates from Quebec).

The province is taking every step to make things easy for both employers and immigrants. And this will help everyone who wants to live, study, work and or settle in Canada. Quebec has always been seen as a process with a complex selection system. But the introduction of the portal will help make the process easy to use.

Now the province can meet its 2020 immigration target of 43,000 – 44,500. This means more people can now qualify for Canada PR. Also, the new add on will help in fast-tracking of profiles. If you too want to apply for Quebec PR, then why wait? As right now is the best time to apply. Make use of the Arrima portal. And get quick and easy Canada Visa.

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