New Oct 24 2023 BC PNP draw invites 161 applicants for nomination

New Oct 24 2023 BC PNP draw invites 161 applicants for nomination

British Columbia: New Oct 24 2023 BC PNP draw invites 161 applicants for nomination. Applicants have an invitation under a 2-part draw series. The details of the same are the following:

Draw 1 – Tech draw

  • Firstly, 90 applicants have an invitation.
  • Secondly, 101 is the minimum EOI score cut-off to get an invitation.
  • Also, applicants who have a job profile in the tech sector have the same.

Draw 2 – Targeted draw

  • Firstly, 34 applicants whose job profiles fall under the childcare sector have an invitation.
  • Secondly, 22 applicants from the healthcare sector qualify for the same.
  • Also, fewer than 5 applicants with job profiles under the NOC codes 31003 and 32104 have an invitation.
  • Besides, the qualifying EOI score cut-off for the above is 60.

In comparison, to the last Oct 11, 2023, BC PNP Tech and Targeted draw we can see the following:

  • Overall, 24 fewer applicants have an invitation.
  • 23 fewer tech applicants have an invitation.
  • 11 fewer childcare applicants have an invitation.
  • However, 5 more applicants from the healthcare sector have an invitation.
  • Whereas for other priority sectors, there is no change in the selection of applicants.

So, looking at the above details, we can see a positive rise in the selection of healthcare workers. However, as for the tech and other sectors we are seeing a fall in the issuing of PNP invites. But a slight decline is part and participle of the Canadian immigration draws.


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