New MPNP Draw Issues 71 LAAs to Applicants from Ukraine in Special Draw

March 10, 2022: New MPNP Draw Issues 71 LAAs to Applicants from Ukraine in Special Draw

Manitoba owing to the current Ukraine vs Russia crisis holds a special draw. The new MPNP draw issues 71 LAAs to applicants from Ukraine in special draw.

Also, this draw is a special measure from Manitoba under the IRCC’s latest instructions to support Ukraine. As a result, Manitoba has announced that it will be holding regular MPNP EOI draws targeting Ukrainians in need.

Besides, to qualify in the current draw, the applicants needed to meet the following terms:

  • Applicant must be a citizen of Ukraine.
  • Must have a minimum language skill level of CLB 4.
  • Have a connection to the province through:
    • A relative or family-like member or
    • Community, or
    • Has past study or work experience from Manitoba.
  • Also, must have valid language test results.
  • Finally, have a minimum EOI score of 60.

Manitoba has opened its doors to help Ukraine. And we can soon expect to see such draws regularly. All this is happening due to Canada extending its support to Ukraine amidst the Ukraine and Russia crises. And why not, the country has been in close association with Ukraine since 2014. And have extended monetary and military assistance since then.

In addition, Canada openly condemns Russia’s pursuit to conquer Ukraine. And has always stood against threats to humanity. The current ongoing measure to support Ukraine is a part of Canada’s efforts to offer shelter and safety on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

In a similar context, we can see Canada doing the same for other countries as well. A fine example of the same is the expedited visa application processing of Syrian refugees.

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