New important changes in Australian Immigration System

Australia News: Australian government brings in new changes in the Immigration Process.

The changes Includes:

  1. Longer processing times for partner visas

Due to Introduction to the Family Violence Bill, now partner sponsorships need approval before lodging the new application.

As per the new bill, offshore applicants and sponsors will now have to pass through a strict process. To enumerate the Process will assess the character and the history of the applicants. Therefore, resulting in the prolonging of the process of obtaining a partner visa.

  1. An introduction of a new temporary sponsored parent visa

Now, the Australian citizens and permanent residents can bring their parents along with them to Australia.

As per the notification, 0nly 15000 visas will be issued every year.

Once approved, the parent visa will be valid for three or five years. Moreover, the cost will be $5,000 for 3 years and $10,000 for 5 years, respectively.

To point out, a maximum of 10 years renewal can be done for the visa.

  1. Requirements of financial evidence of more than $20,000 for foreign students

From 2019, the student will have to provide evidence of funds of around $20,000. The amount increases to up to an additional $7100 if the candidates are planning to bring his wife. In addition, $3040 needs to show for each child, if there are any.

     4. ATO tax records to be matched with Salaries Employee-sponsored Migrants

In a major boost for rights of the employee-sponsored migrants, Department of Home Affairs is planning to crack down the companies underpaying the sponsored migrant employers.

The department in collaboration with ATO will collect the tax file numbers of the companies who currently hold a 457/482 TSS visa. Consequently, they will match them with the current tax records to make sure that the migrants are paid the right amount based on their nominated salary.

  1. New Visa for Start-up entrepreneurs by the South Australian Government.

The South Australian Government is planning to initiate a new visa project for start-up entrepreneurs. The new visa isn’t difficult to attain as compared to business and Innovation visa.

Furthermore, there is a certain requirement for obtaining a new visa:

  • No requirement for $20,000 funding arrangement.
  • An average band score of 5 IELTS.

 However,  the only condition to obtain the visa is that the applicants should provide an Original idea and a Business Plan.

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