New Draw held in Prince Edward Island

113 Express Entry Invitations Sent

A new draw held June 20 in Prince Edward Island province. The draw took place for the Labour impact and Business impact category. As a result, 113 candidates got the ITA under the EE system. This is the 6th draw of this year. PEI holds monthly draws based on market needs.

The first-ever draw took place on January 17, 2019, in which the 91 candidates got the ITA under the PNP Business, the Labor and the EE system. The principal source of skilled labour is federal Express Entry system. PEI’s Express Entry is linked to EE.

In Prince Edwards Island too, the candidate has to register in the EOI system. Also, the candidates under PEI’s Express Entry or Labour Impact apply for PR. Furthermore, 106 invitations issued on June 20 under these two categories.

The candidate registers for EOI for PNP. The candidate gets an extra 600 score as a reward. This helps to get ITA for PR. Also, it is the point-based system same like EE. The eligibility consists:

  • candidate’s age
  • experience
  • education
  • language skills

Prince Edward Island Work Permit

The candidate gets 7 invitations under PEI’s Business Impact: Work Permit Stream. Hence, it is for the businessman who wants to invest and start their business under the work permit stream. Therefore, businessmen can seek approval for their business proposal through this stream.

Approved business plan receive a support letter from PEI. Thus, they can apply for a temporary work permit. As a result, this year 116 applicants got the opportunity to start their business in Canada.

The work permit stream runs on EOI basis. So, on March 21 draw the lowest scorer was 112. The PEI PNP is most active in Canada. Hence, it helped the province to achieve a population growth rate of 1.8 per cent in 2018.




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