New Canadian immigration strategy shared by Marc Miller

New Canadian immigration strategy shared by Marc Miller

Oct 31, 2023: New Canadian immigration strategy shared by Marc Miller to upgrade the Canadian immigration system. The Honourable Immigration Minister, in a press conference, discussed the goals and proposed changes that will help raise the benefits of immigration to Canada.

Key Goals – ‘An Immigration System for Canada’s Future’

  • Firstly, enhancing positive immigration experience to Canada.
  • Secondly, match the labour market needs with the inflow of foreign workers entering Canada.
  • Also, creating a plan that is holistically growth-oriented.

The overall, aim focuses on the end-user experience. And to make sure that foreign workers get an easy and hassle-free visa process.

Besides, for the past 1 year, IRCC has been engaging with the public to take feedback/suggestions to improve the immigration framework. We can see the creation of a new immigration strategy as an acceptance of the same.

Marc Miller Canada Immigration Strategy Update

Enhancing immigration experience

To boos the same, Canada in new Canadian immigration strategy will be launching a new platform. The Digital Platform Modernisation (DPM) will fast-track the visa process. Be it Study, Work, Visit, Travel, Settle or Business visas, applicants will be able to enjoy the benefits of a new digital platform. 

The aim is to use technology that is more human-oriented and will help clients get faster visa processing and decisions. It will also help IRCC to maintain the integrity of the immigration framework.

Matching the labour market needs with the immigrant inflow

Lately, Canada has been focusing on attracting people who match its labour market needs. So, for the same, IRCC introduced the Express Entry (EE) category-based draws. This is to select people on multiple key factors rather than just the CRS rank. Besides, this focus will help IRCC identify, match and fulfil the occupational demands for skilled workers.

Moreover, in line with the same, Canada is planning to create a new job role of Chief International Talent Officer. The CITO will connect immigration policies/strategies/updates with long-term goals and labour market and economic benefits.

Creating and Coordinating a Growth-Oriented Plan

Canada attracts top skills and talent from across the globe. Also, Canada realises its attractive forces and the benefits it offers to immigrants who choose Canada. However, the country lately is focusing on settling areas of slight inconvenience such as housing and healthcare issues. Keeping in mind and balancing the needs of Canadian citizens.

The minister moreover acknowledges the difficulties faced by new comes in the housing, healthcare and infrastructure section. And to strengthen the same, IRCC will be working on the same. Also, for the same, Canada sees the need to create a growth plan in cooperation with provinces, territories and the federal government.

Also, Canada focused on the importance of regional immigration programs such as AIP.

Canada is all set to release its Immigration Levels Plan 2024-26. And the above ministerial strategy is a positive sign for the upcoming immigration plan. Also, as per earlier knowledge, we should be able to expect Canada to match the 2024 and ahead goal of offering 500,000 PR visas each year.

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