New Canada Updates for faster spouse visa application processing

May 26, 2023: New Canada Updates for faster spouse visa application processing

Honourable Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, shares New Canada Updates for faster spouse visa application processing. These new measures by the minister share the efforts of IRCC to strengthen the family reunification process. And also, make necessary changes to the family-class immigration in Canada.

The following are the new Canada updates:

  • Firstly, Spousal applicants will get faster visa application processing.
  • Secondly, the use of new technology to give better access to spouse visa applicants.
  • Also, the introduction of new open work permit for applicants from spouse and family class immigration.
  • Besides, open work permit holders will get an extension on the same for 18 months.


New Canada Updates for Spouse Visa and Family Class Applications

Sean Fraser shares that the need for New Canada Updates for faster spouse visa application processing and strengthening families will benefit Canada. As per him, applicants can apply for a Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP) to join their spouse (sponsor) in Canada. However, many TRV applications are getting refusal on the basis of ‘no intention of returning home’.

Whereas these are the same number of people whose Canada PR Visa application gets successfully processed. So, introducing new and positive measures is the need of the hour.

Canada has now successfully removed the backlog of applications for spouse and family class immigration applicants who have already applied for permanent residency. Besides, the country’s new approach to SOWP TRV applications resulted in 98% approval of Canada visa applications of spouses and kids. As a result, now they are with their family members while their PR visa application for Canada is in processing.

Further, as per the New Canada Updates for faster spouse visa application processing, the TRV applications will soon be processed in 30 days. Moreover, Canada is also introducing new open work permits for spouses and their dependents who have already applied for Canada PR. 

But, to get the same applicants (spouses and dependents) must have already applied for PR under the Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada Class (SPCLC) or other family class programs.

To further aid the spouse and family class applicants, Canada is now offering an extension for open work permit holders. This means, if your open work permit is expiring between August 01 or by the end of 2023, then you can apply to get a visa extension for up to 18 months.

The above update will help up to 25,000 foreign immigrants who are in Canada. This includes spouses, dependents of temporary workers, spouses of PR visa holders and study visa holders etc.

In short, looking at the new Canada updates for faster spouse applications, apply now to reunite with your partner in Canada.

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