New British Columbia draw invites up to 217 PNP applicants

New British Columbia draw invites up to 217 PNP applicants

British Columbia held its latest BC PNP General and Targeted draw. The new British Columbia draw invites up to 217 PNP applicants. The details of the 2-part series draw are:

General draw

  • Firstly, 102 applicants have a PNP invitation.
  • Secondly, the EOI score requirement is:
    • Skilled Worker (SW), SW EEBC, International Graduate (IG), IG EEBC categories: 122 points.
    • Entry Level & Semi-Skilled: 97 points.


Targeted occupations draw

  • Firstly, 46 applicants with childcare profiles have an invite.
  • Secondly, 39 applicants with healthcare profiles have an invite.
  • Also, fewer than 5 applicants with veterinary profiles have an invite.
  • Besides, to get an invite the above applicants needed a minimum EOI score of 60.
  • In addition, 26 applicants with construction profiles have an invite.
    • The EOI score requirement for them is 75.


In comparison, to the last Jan 23, 2024, BC PNP draw, we see the following changes in the current draw:

  • Firstly, BC PNP general draw invites are up by 23 points.
    • SW, SW EEBC, IG, IG EEBC categories – EOI score requirement up by 2 points.
    • EL & SS – EOI score requirement is lower by 1 point.
  • Secondly, in the targeted draw we see:
    • Childcare: Invites lower by 20 points.
    • Healthcare: Invites up by 3 points.
    • Construction: Invites lower by 8 points.
  • Overall, the invites are lower by 2 points.


Looking at the above details, see a rise in the general selection of applicants. Also, the selection of healthcare applicants is up. In case your job profile comes under BC PNP in-demand profiles then you must apply now.

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