New BC PNP Entrepreneur Draw Issues less than 5 ITAs

Mar 22, 2022: New BC PNP Entrepreneur Draw Issues less than 5 ITAs

British Columbia held its first 2022 draw under the BC PNP Entrepreneur category – Regional Pilot Stream. But the new BC PNP Entrepreneur draw issued less than 5 ITAs. Also, the CRS score requirement is set at 117.

Besides, the last such draw was on Oct 12, 2021. However, in comparison to the latest draw we can see the following changes:

  • ITAs sees no change.
  • CRS score is up by 8 points.

BC PNP program of British Columbia helps the province to get foreign skilled workers. So, that it can meet its labour market needs. And add to the growing economy of the province.

The Entrepreneur category of BC PNP helps in getting foreign entrepreneurs who wish to buy/run a business in 1 of the smaller communities of BC. The aim is to share the benefits of immigration with the smaller communities of the province. Thereby helping them grow stronger and become economically independent.

In 2021, the province issued up to 67 ITAs under this category. With 3 draws issuing less than 5 ITAs. Generally, the draw details include both the sub-streams Regional Pilot and Base category. But this time new BC PNP Entrepreneur draw issues less than 5 ITAs under the Regional category.

Most likely, we can expect BC to hold a separate draw for the other sub-stream soon.

Lately, BC in its Skills Immigration category draws has adopted a new draw pattern. Wherein the province is holding targeted draws along with general draws and tech draws. This may be because of Canada’s job vacancies rising to 874700. Read more here.

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