New Arrima Draw French Province Quebec issues 1080 invites

New Arrima Draw French Province Quebec issues 1080 invites

On April 20, 2023, in New Arrima Draw French Province Quebec issues 1080 invites to qualifying applicants. Further, applicants will submit a complete application for permanent selection. And will get Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) which will help them to apply to IRCC for a Canada PR Visa.


The details of the new Arrima draw issuing 1080 invites are as the following.

To qualify the applicants needed to meet 1 of the conditions such as:

  • Either have a draw score of 598 or more; OR
  • Have a valid job offer from outside the territory of the metropolitan community of Montreal.

Besides, the date and time of extraction from the Arrima bank is set for April 17, 2023, at 6:30 a.m.

In addition, the current new Arrima draw is the 6th draw in 2023. And is also the draw which has selected the highest number of applicants up till now.


Thus, when we look at the past French province Quebec Arrima draws, we can see the draw patterns. The following graph clearly shows the same:

French Province Quebec Arrima Draws update - 2023


As per the above details, we can draw the following conclusions such as:

  • Firstly, the new Arrima draw of the French province Quebec issues 1080 invites. This is the draw that has issued the highest number of invites up till now.
  • Secondly, the highest draw score requirement is of Feb 09, 2023, Arrima draw. Whereas the lowest draw score requirement is for the Mar 16 and Mar 30, 2023, Arrima draws.
  • Besides, Mar 30, 2023, the Arrima draw is the only Quebec draw to issue the lowest number of invites at 619.


In short, the above analysis indicates positive ongoing Canadian immigration trends. So, if you wish to live, work, settle, and or study in Canada then you must Apply Now!

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