New Alberta PNP draw targets agriculture sector CRS range up

New Alberta PNP draw targets agriculture sector CRS range up

April 18, 2023: New Alberta PNP draw issues 68 NOIs, targeting applicants from the agriculture sector. Also, there is 100 points rise in the CRS score range.

The details of the new Alberta PNP draw are as the following:

  • 68 applicants have an NOI.
  • Applicants from the agriculture sector with an Alberta Job offer have an NOI.
  • Also, the CRS score range is between 300-700.
  • But the applicants with the lowest CRS score getting an NOI is 307.


In comparison, to the last April 05, 2023, AAIP draw, we can see updates such as:

  • 15 more applicants have an NOI.
  • The applicants who have applied to AAIP their CRS score is between 300 – 700.
    • This is 100 points increase from the earlier 300 – 500 CRS range.
  • Also, the lowest CRS score of the applicant getting an NOI is lower by 44 points.
  • However, the current draw targeted Alberta PNP draw applicants from the agriculture sector. With an Alberta job offer in the same.


Thus, looking at the above updates we can see a positive rise in the selection of applicants. And as New Alberta PNP draw targets the agriculture sector and the CRS range is up, we should hope for more such Alberta PNP draws in future.


Besides, the Alberta AAIP PNP is linked to the Express Entry (EE) System. As a result, the 68 applicants who have an NOI, when they get a Provincial Nomination Certificate from AAIP, will get an extra 600 CRS score against their EE profile.

As a result, they will have higher chances of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a Canada PR visa. As a result, one must apply via the Express Entry + PNP Pathway to ensure higher chances of visa success.

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