New Alberta PNP draw invites higher healthcare applicants

New Alberta PNP draw invites higher healthcare applicants

Feb 06, 2024: Alberta shows signs of growth by doubling its invitations. The new Alberta PNP draw invites higher healthcare applicants. The following are the draw details:

  • Firstly, 44 applicants have an invitation to apply for PNP nomination.
  • Secondly, the draw is held under the dedicated healthcare pathway.
  • Also, applicants meet the terms of the healthcare pathway such as:
    • Have a valid Alberta job offer.
    • Have a CRS score of 300 or more.
  • Besides, the CRS cut-off is set at 302 to qualify in the current draw.


In comparison to the last Jan 30, 2024, AAIP draw we see the following positive draw updates:

  • Firstly, the current draw selected 22 more healthcare applicants.
  • Secondly, the CRS cut-off is lower by 10 points.

 As a result, the rise in AAIP invitations and fall in CRS cut-off is great news for healthcare applicants. As the current new draw invites more healthcare applicants, we can expect this trend to continue in upcoming draws. 

So, if your job profile comes under the healthcare sector, you must apply for a PNP nomination. Also, you must apply to Alberta Express Entry sub-streams such as:

  • Dedicated healthcare pathway
  • Priority sectors
  • Accelerated tech pathway
  • Family connection and in-demand occupation


Applying to the above stream will make your Canada permanent residency process easier. 80 healthcare applicants have an AAIP invitation but will get an extra 600 CRS points in the EE pool once they get a nomination. As a result, their chances of getting an ITA for a Canada PR visa are higher.

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