NB Strategic Initiative Stream

NB Strategic Initiative Stream

The NB Strategic Initiative Stream is for people who can speak French. Also, they have the skills to contribute to the growth of New Brunswick’s economy. Because NB will be selecting applicants who have special skills, education, work experience, language skills and want to live permanently in NB.

Who qualifies to apply to the NB Strategic Initiative Stream?

To qualify under the NB Strategic Initiative Stream, the applicant must get a minimum of 65 points as per the following eligi9bility factors:


Applicants who fall under the age group of 19 – 56 years of age can apply.

Language Skills

New Brunswick (NB) requires all applicants to have job-ready language skills. This means you must be able to communicate in French to live, work and settle in NB. So, you must have a minimum of NCLC 5 in French in all 4 language skill areas such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Are willing to live in NB

As per this factor, you must submit proof that you are willing to settle permanently in NB.

Education Level

NB requires applicants applying to this stream to have a minimum of Canadian high secondary education. However, in the case of a foreign high school diploma, the applicant must have an ECA report. Because the ECA report proves if the applicant’s education level matches that of Canada’s education system.

Connection to NB

As per this factor, the applicant must meet 1 of the 3 conditions:

  1. An exploratory visit to NB; Or
  2. Have a valid job offer from an NB employer; Or
  3. Have a direct invitation from NB.

Exploratory Visits

If an applicant wants to live in NB and set up a business, then they must visit the province to check business opportunities. They must conduct an exploratory visit for a minimum of 5 days excluding travel days, public holidays, and weekends. So, the applicant can submit a report of the visit along with their EOI. Besides, all exploratory visit(s) must be made 12 months before submitting an EOI to NB PNP.

Valid Job Offer

As per this factor, the applicant must have a valid job offer. Also, it must meet the following terms:

  • The job offer must come under NOC 0, A, B, C, or D.
  • Is a full-time, and permanent job.
    • Work hours must be a minimum of 30 hours per week; or
    • 1,560 hours per year.

Paid Wages

The job offer must promise the applicant must amount to a remuneration/wage. Also, this wage must not be lower than the set median wage in that occupation in NB. The wage must be equal to other employees working in the same position, with the same experience and qualification in NB. In addition, the wage must match the employer’s wage structure.


If your job offer is in a regulated occupation, then you must get a license/certificate from a regulatory body. So that you can work in that job position in NB.

Direct Invitation

NB as per an economically beneficial application can give a direct invitation to the applicant from the EOI pool. However, happens on a limited basis and depends on the benefits the province will get after selecting an applicant.

Settlement Funds

Canada requires all applicants to meet certain settlement funds criteria. This means all applicants must fund to support themselves and their family members in Canada. Also, the overall funds required to settle in Canada depends on the size of the family.

The applicant must have direct and legal access to the same.

In addition, NB PNP will assess your profile as per the settlement plan you submit. Also, it must cover the following points:

  • Knowledge of the labour market in NB;
  • Ability to identify employment options related to your occupation;
  • Understanding, how you can get employed in NB;
  • If applicable, knowing how to get a license or certificate required to work in a regulated occupation in NB.
  • Identifying a community or region to live and work in. Also, you must give reasons as to how the chosen area can help you grow economically.

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Who can not apply to the NB Business Immigration Stream?

An applicant cannot apply to the NB Business Immigration stream because of the following:

  • Have an active application registered with PETL before applying to this stream.
  • Already have a property/business in any other province/territory of Canada.
  • Your application is already under processing in any other province/territory.
  • The application has been rejected earlier due to misrepresentation through any other immigration program.
  • Are living in Canada illegally.
  • Do not have permission to work in Canada.
  • Are living in Canada when you do not have the legal status to do so. Also, you have not applied for restoration of your legal status within 90 days of the expiration of legal status.
  • Have a failed or unresolved refugee claim or humanitarian and compassionate claim. Also, are currently living in Canada.
  • Are not legally living in the current country of your residence.
  • Are currently studying full-time in a post-secondary educational institution in Canada.
  • Have received a full-time, seasonal, or part-time or casual job in NB.
  • Are registered under the Live-in Caregiver Program of Canada.
  • Your net worth cannot be verified by a third party; Or
  • You intend to be a passive investor. This means that you do not wish to fully partake in the operations of the business you are investing in NB.