Much awaited July 06 2022 EE draw issues 1500 ITAs for PR

Much awaited July 06 2022 EE draw issues 1500 ITAs for PR

After an 18-19 month hiatus, Canada has finally held an Express Entry all-program draw. This is big news for every Canada immigration aspirant wanting to gain permanent settlement in Canada. To qualify for this draw the applicants needed a minimum qualifying CRS score of 557.

Now, this comes as a shock to many people whose EE profiles are in the EE pool. A recap of the draw trend patterns and their frequency shows the following:

August 06, 2020

  • IRCC holds the last FST draw.
  • 250 applicants have an ITA. Also, the CRS score was set at 415.
  • In comparison to the last Oct 16, 2019. This draw saw ITAs go up by 250 points. Whereas the CRS score was lower by 58 points.

September 14, 2021

  • IRCC holds the last CEC draw.
  • 2000 applicants have an ITA. And the CRS score was set at 462.
  • However, in comparison to the previous draw on Aug 19, 2021, the CEC draw saw ITAs fall by 1000 points. But the CRS cut-off went up by 59 points.

December 23, 2021

  • IRCC holds the last all-program draw (including FSW applicants).
  • 5000 ITAs were issued. Also, the CRS score was set at 468.
  • However, in comparison to Dec 09, 2020, the former saw positive updates. There was no change in issuing of ITAs. However, the CRS score was lower by 1 point.

In short, before the pausing of all-program/FST/CEC draws the country was soaring with foreign skilled workers claiming PR. But due to the advent of covid and major application backlog, IRCC decided to implement a pause on the same.

Now that the backlog is lower, Canada is continuing the older pattern of draws.

Much awaited July 06 2022 EE draw issues 1500 ITAs for PR but hopeful for future draws

However, the First 2022 Express Entry all program draw issues 1500 ITAs. This comes as a shock because everyone was eyeing the older draw pattern which has been selecting 3000 – 5000 applicants in each draw. So, for IRCC to just issue 1500 ITAs with a CRS cut-off as high as 557 does sound disheartening.

But owing to the history of EE draws patterns, we can expect IRCC to raise ITAs and lower the CRS cut-off. And as the draws now resume, we can also see the frequency of FSW/CEC/FST and PNP draws. This will help us understand draw trends, and patterns and predict the chances of selection for Canada PR.

Recently Canada is introducing new upgrades to the EE System. And to other Canadian immigration programs. For an individual to know all this is very difficult. As the nature and impact of such upgrades can be difficult to understand. Much awaited July 06 2022 EE draw issues 1500 ITAs for PR. And will issue a higher number in other draws.

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