The Manitoba government invites 196 candidates, under MPNP

 In 2019, till date, a total of 4,320 invitations has been sent to skilled worker candidates under MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program).

To enumerate, on May 23, a total of 196 invitation was sent to Immigration interested candidates by the Manitoba government. Under MPNP. Furthermore,  the candidates can apply for a provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residence after the invitation.

In detail, given below is the breakdown of the total of 196 invitations:

  1. 119 invitation to Skilled workers stream.
  2. 60 invitations to Skilled workers Overseas stream.
  3. 17 invitation to International graduates of Manitoba post-secondary institutions under the International Education Stream.

MPNP – Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

To explain, under the program, the provincial government nominates candidates who would like to work and settle in Manitoba.

To point out, Manitoba was the first province of Canada to introduce a provincial immigration program. Since its creation, a total of 1,30,000 newcomers has chosen Manitoba as their home.

There are two programs, under MPNP:

1. Skilled workers In Manitoba Stream – Under this stream, MPNP issues invitations to eligible foreign workers and international student graduates who are:

  • Currently working in Manitoba.
  • Have a permanent full-time job with their Manitoba employer.

2. Skilled Workers Overseas Stream – Under this stream, MPNP issues a notification to Eligible candidates who are:

  • Residing outside Canada, but however, has an established connection to Manitoba such as relatives or friends.
  • Have previous education or work experience in the province.

Notably, the Provincial government said 27 LAAs (Letters of Advice to Apply) were sent to Express entry candidates having a job seeker validation code and experience in an occupation on Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupation List.

Expression of Interest A Must

To point out, EOI submission is a must for workers candidates having certain skills.

In fact, under EOI, the Candidates usually provide information about their:


2.Work experience.

3.Proficiency in English or French.

4.Connections to Manitoba.

Significantly, after the submission of EOI, candidates generally receive the score.

Given below is the minimum score for LAAs:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba: 548
Skilled Workers Overseas: 506

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