MPNP EOI draw sees a rise in CRS score

Latest MPNP EOI draw sees a rise in CRS score. The Nov 19 draw selected 196 applicants under its 3 sub-streams.

Nov 19 MPNP draw issues 196 LAAs in which the MPNP EOI draw sees a rise in CRS score. The applicants have been selected from 3 MPNP sub-streams such as:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM)

  • 144 applicants selected.
  • Minimum CRS score – 526.

International Education Stream (IES)

  • 30 applicants selected

Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO)

  • 22 applicants selected directly through MPNP under Strategic Recruitment Initiative
  • Minimum CRS score – 769

Besides, in comparison to the last Nov 05 MPNP draw the current draw saw:

  • SWM – CRS score up by 65 points and 22 fewer applicants selected.
  • IES – 7 more applicants selected.
  • SWO – CRS score up by 61 points and 6 more applicants selected.
  • Overall, 9 fewer applicants selected in the draw. And 40 LAAs issued to applicants with valid Express Entry and Job Seeker Validation Code.

Even though MPNP EOI draw sees a rise in CRS score we can expect the same to come down in the upcoming draws. Because Canada’s Express Entry (EE) system issued 5000 ITAs which is the biggest number of ITAs issued up till now in 2020. So, we can expect it to have a positive effect on all other immigration programs. However, even if we look at past MPNP draws we can see a positive change growing up. Because both the CRS score and the number of selection of applicants is changing slightly and not majorly. This is a positive sign which urges people to apply for permanent residence in Canada through MPNP.

MPNP EOI draw sees a rise in CRS score. But who did not get an LAA in the Nov 19 MPNP draw?

You may not have received an LAA in this draw as per the following reasons:

EOI from SWO stream rejected if:

  • Your profile is not directly invited through MPNP under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative,
  • You did not have a valid EE ID and Job Seeker Validation Code, and
  • Do not have verifiable experience in 1 of in-demand occupations.

You did not get an LAA even when your CRS score is higher than the minimum score because:

  • You did not submit a valid language skill level test number, or
  • The language test result is not valid.
  • Did not give a valid invitation number, if you stated to have received or under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative.
  • Are not working in a regulated occupation and or do not have the required license/certificate for the same.

So, apply for Canada Visa as current immigration trends are positive. Take our Free Assessment or Contact Us to know more.

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