MPNP 161st Draw Invites 1030 Applicants For PNP Nomination

MPNP 161st draw invites 1030 applicants for PNP nomination

Dec 15, 2022: MPNP 161st draw invites 1030 applicants for PNP nomination. Besides, the MPNP draw focused on the Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) category. Also, the Letter of Advice to Apply (LAAs) were issued to applicants who had a minimum ranking score of 600.

However, out of the 1,030 applicants, 656 applicants who received LAA meet additional terms such as:

  • Firstly. have an active profile in the Express Entry (EE) pool.
  • Secondly, have a valid Job Seeker Validation Code.


Dec 15, 2022, and Dec 01, 2022, MPNP draw comparison

MPNP 161st draw invites 1030 applicants for PNP nomination. But in comparison to Dec 01, 2022, MPNP EOI draw we see changes such as:

  • Firstly, a total of 987 more LAA were issued to the MPNP Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) category.
  • Secondly, the draw cut-off is lower by 73 points.
  • Besides, no LAAs were issued to MPNP Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM).
  • Also, no LAAs were issued to MPNP International Education Stream (IES).
  • Overall, the current draw issued a total of 725 more LAAs than the Dec 01, 2022, MPNP draw.


Further, the same can be confirmed from the table below.

160th Manitoba EOI Draw (Dec 01, 2022) 161st Manitoba EOI Draw (Dec 15, 2022)  

Changes in both Draws

206 LAA issued.

cut-off set at 775.

43 LAAs issued.

EOI cut-off is 673.

56 LAAs issued. N.A. 1,030 LAAs issued.

EOI cut-off is 600.

N.A LAAs are up by 725 points.


161st MPNP EOI draw issues 1030 LAAs for PNP nomination

The current draw issues LAAs for PNP nomination to 1030 applicants. But Canadian immigration trends are showing positive trends. This means that Canada is selecting a higher number of applicants to submit a Canada PR visa application.

Also, the draw cut-off is lowering at a steady pace. Thus, the MPNP future draws too will show a positive sign. And we can expect a rise in LAAs and a fall in the MPNP draw cut-off. Also, we can confirm the same from MPNP 161st draw figures.


As a result, right now is the best time to “Choose and Apply to a Canada Permanent Residency Pathway”.

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